Saturday, July 10, 2010

Count your Blessings...and your money

When I set out to start this blog my intention was to blog 3-4 days a weeks.  Sounds easy right.? Wrong.  I blog one evening and then I look at the calendar and all of a sudden it's been 3 days since I last blogged.  The thing is, it isn't because I don't have anything to share.  I do.  Future blogs include a trip to the zoo, a really cool, single, available guy- okay not really because he'd kill me but maybe, a little shin dig we had and maybe another craft or two.  But life happens and the evenings get away from me.

But by far my favorite moments to share are everyday things that happen in our house.

Like coin rolling. Yep.  You read it.  Coin rolling. Let me just start by giving a little back story. A few Christmas's ago, Batman got this automatic coin seperater thingy (yes that is the actual name of the machine) at a family Christmas get together. He stole it from a relative. I made fun of him.

Me: Did you want that coin seperater?  That's kind of dumb. What are you going to use that for?
Batman: Heck yeah I wanted it.  This thing is cool.  It seperates your coins AND it has these tubes that you can roll your coin! I'm never going to use coins to pay for anything.
Me: Alright, whatever.  You are never going to use that.
Batman: This is going to make us rich! (So maybe he didn't say that but I'm sure he was thinking it! Yeah right!)

Have you ever said words that came back to bite you?  "You are never going to use that?"  Mistake.  As soon as we go home, the coin counter ended up on the dresser and has been used everyday since that Christmas many years ago.  I am biting my words.  Not because he's using it when I didn't think he would but because it's actually pretty cool.  It works like this.

Get lots of coins. To get lots of coins you have to stop using change to pay for things.  You keep all your change at the bottom of your purse in a cute little coin holder or your pockets.
Put coins in the machine. See that hole?  That's where the coins go.
Push button to sort coins. I thought I got a picture of this but I guess I didn't.  Do you see that button on the right corner.?  When you push that button it starts the machine and it sorts the coins.

You can watch the coins fall into the correct position-quarters, dimes, pennies or nickels.  When each tube is full.  Pull out the full tube. I'm not sure who that rag-a-muffin child is that appears to not have had brushed hair since last October. She's still pretty cute though!
Then get your paper wrappers that you may or may not have had for at least all 6 years of marriage and slide it into your tube.  Close up the ends and you've got rolled coin!
Now I realize, this post isn't as exciting as baking cakes or water baloon fights. But what I love is that this is our life. Though it seems crazy and hectic we still have time for the simple stuff: Avery and Batman rolling coins while I'm standing around taking pictures cooking dinner.
Let me tell you, Avery loves it.
These are her "monies".
Avery: I want my monies.
Batman: Okay, here are you monies.
Avery: Dees my monies daddy!

She gets to hang out with her dad and help him with very important super hero work.
And this is one of the many reasons I count my blessing every day.  For Batman and his side kick Avery.  Together they can do whatever they want.

Plus, this is her college money.  She better get to counting!

More adventures to come.

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