Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zebras and Giraffes

This girl loves giraffes.  You wouldn't know it by this picture though.  Giraffes are right behind her.

Avery found this machine.  It's the machine that if you have a special zoo device, it will talk to you and tell you about what you are seeing.  I think Avery thought money was going to come out.

Anyway, she did finally see the giraffes.

She wanted to ride the giraffes and zebras.  Seriously.  She wanted to ride them.  It broke my heart that we couldn't let her ride them.
"Let me in there!  I want to ride the zebra (giraffe)!"

"Lemme in der daddy!"

Seriously, why won't the zoo let you ride the zebras and giraffes?  They look harmless enough.

Look at this girl.  How can you deny her riding zebras and giraffes?! She's desperate!

And on the verge of a mini meltdown.
Maybe we will get rid of our dogs and get giraffes instead. Oh wait, we already have one!

More adventures to come.

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Anonymous said...

Well she gets to ride that giraffe at home (stationary bike), of course she wants to ride the ones at the zoo...she's a pro!!!
Uncle Thing