Monday, July 5, 2010

Rain...why don't you stay a while?

It rained this weekend.  A lot. It was the oddest 4th of July ever.  But, instead of being down about the fact that we couldn't go to the pool. Or to the park. Or on bike rides. Batman and Avery decided to make the best of it.

Time to play in the rain!  At first I was napping when they went outside.  After much curiosity about what was going on, I found them.
Batman had grabbed Mr. Ducky and was floating him down the river in front of our house.

Avery couldn't get enough of chasing Mr. Ducky.

Or the water in general.

There was lots of squealing, screaming and splashing.

It was so fun seeing Avery splashing around in the rain.

I love how Batman get us all to experience new things. We all had such a fun time!

We all got a little lot wet. 

It was the perfect way to spend July 4th!

More adventures to come.


Tabitha said...

How much fun! And I love how Batman has a girly umbrella and you have a manly one ;-)

Ronnie said...

I wonder if this is why my throat is sore today....