Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Photo Session fail

So today I tried to get some pictures of Ellie.

She was 11 months old yesterday and admittedly I haven't taken her 11 month pictures (this week I promise).  I was trying to get the pictures for her birthday party invitation. I am planning on ordering an invitation from Etsy and although we are having family pictures soon, I didn't think I could get the pictures back in time to get the invitations ordered.  I mean, how hard is it to get a picture of an 11 month old?

This hard.

Not too bad but almost too close.

Crawl, crawl, crawl.  I need her to sit still!

Hey kid, how about you get your hand out of your mouth?

Mommy wants to you look at her!
"What's that? I didn't hear you mommy"

I almost would have settled for this but she looks on the verge of tears.
Mulch is safe for kids right?


I was trying to get her in decent light, smiling, looking at the camera with flowers in the background.  That's not too much to ask is it?! Oh and her hands out of her mouth!

Now then, I did actually get 1 or 2 that I was pleased with but I expected more. I even had my helper (Avery) out there trying to get her to smile.  Oh well.  I'm going to leave photography to the professionals!

PS- I didn't post the actual picture I chose. I'll post the invite and picture after her party! Can you believe she's almost 1?!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween at our house.  What about you?

Avery has been telling me for months she wanted to be Glenda the Good Witch for Halloween.  What happened is that she saw a costume (pink) in a catalog and I said "you want to be Glenda the Good Witch?." She said "YES!"  Because I refuse to pay $78 for a costume, I was determined to make something.  This was after weeks of trying to convince her to be something else. But she HAS seen the Wizard of Oz so at least we had that going for us.

I only got excited about her being Glenda when the hubs suggested Ellie should be the Wicked Witch.  Mean right?  Probably.  But super adorable

So I stocked up on tulle (hello 200 yards for the Glenda costume. yes, 200!) and went to town. I was so proud of my Glenda!  


Avery LOVED her costume.  She wanted to wear it every day.  I can't honestly blame her.  It was pretty awesome. 

I'm not quite sure how Ellie felt about her costume but she was the cutest Wicked Witch ever!


You remember the part where the Wicked Witch bears her belly and must have a paci clip right?  Yeah, me too. But look at her.  Green face? Green legs? To die for dimples? Stinkin adorabe right?

My parents were so sweet to drop by the house to see their girls so we didn't have to make an extra trip.  They couldn't get enough of these witches!


And because I got 0 pictures of the girls outside, you are forced to check out a few poor in the poor lighting.

  All glittered up.  We also glittered up her hair and arms.  Can a girl really be too glittery?  I say no.


At our house, witches have to hug it out!


They were seriously the cutest things ever. No bias here!

We had such a great Halloween season.  The girls got to get dressed up and make the rounds at the Fall Carnival at the church were they go to school on the Sunday before Halloween.  The Halloween parties in both their classes were a huge success.  And then tricking or treating Halloween night.  I think we have more candy than what we handed out!

This Halloween has been the best yet.  Avery was super excited to head out and we had a grand time.  I think I was more tired than she was when we got home! I am kicking myself for not getting more pictures of the girls while we were out.  Oh well, it's all in my memory right?

Can't wait until next year!!

PS- I'm sure you are asking yourself "what's that bluish grey blotch on the wall?  that looks weird" It was a paint color we were testing. It's been veto'd.  We may never paint!