Sunday, July 11, 2010

Watch your Fingers!

I will probably have a couple posts on our recent trip to the zoo.  There are several reasons for this.

First, I took 1,356,874,237 pitures.  Literally. Maybe there was only one reason.
Take note of what is in Avery's hand.  Do you see it? The snack container?  Inside that snack container is Goldfish.  You know, those yummy little cheddar cracker snacks in the shape of fish. 

See that handsome, innocent looking guy?  Yeah, he's not so innocent.

While Avery ate her snack and hung out in her stroller, Batman and I sat on a bench beside her. It was hot people and we were tired.  Walking around the zoo is not easy.  As we were getting ready to leave our cool, shady spot a bird showed up and was hopping around.  We told Avery to throw one of her fish at the bird.  I was thinking the bird would get scared and fly away.  What was a I thinking?  This was no stupid bird- humans=food.  The bird snatched the goldfish and flew away.  Avery thought it was hilarious!

After that, we headed over to see the hippos.  In the hippo building, there are also bird exhibits.  Do you see where I'm going with this.  Avery still had her snack cup of fish.  I'll let the pictures tell you what happened.
Here birdie, birdie, birdie. That's Batmans hand.

Woah! Faster than you can blink an eye the bird lunged toward the fish. Batman dropped the fish so fast I couldn't capture the moment fast enough.  Fingers were almost lost. Trust me people.

The bird successfully snatched the goldfish from Batman's hand. The bird was happy and we hauled it out of there so as not to get thrown out of the zoo. 

That would not have been a good example for Avery. Feeding zoo animals is probably not a good example to set either.  Luckily she's 2.  Hopefully she won't remember.


I still laugh when I think about it. Batman is quite the rebel. It just doesn't seem right.

More zoo adventures to come!


Ryan said...

Can't have a trip to the zoo w/out the wax mold that always comes out as hot as magma.

Tabitha said...

That is TOO FUNNY!!! I so wish I would've seen Batman's face and him hauling hiney to get out of there :-)

Ronnie said...

In my defense, I was just taunting that bird. It won, and my stomach isn't that big. I'm leaning awkwardly.