Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two projects. One night.

I made these two projects tonight.

I love making the banners.  I usually make one for Avery's birthday...

and since it IS America's birthday, what better way to decorate.

I hope to eventually have set for every holiday. 

I was inspired by my friend Emily for this next project. I'm not going to lie. Her craftiness lately has made me very jealous.

I had to show her what I was made of.  I could make cute letters too!

Monday, June 28, 2010

A big fight tonight.

Tonight, there was a fight at our house.  I wasn't surprised.  Batman and Avery spent the whole day together. Tensions were high. I was worried.

Very worried.

Avery was lured outside with the promise of fun in the sun and water.

The girl loves her dad.  She'd do anything.  I told her  not to go out there.  It was just going to lead to grief.  She didn't listen.

Avery's no dummy though.  She knew was what going on.  Acting sweet and innocent though she played along.

"Here daddy.  Twy dis one."

"Look daddy! A bird!"


There were many casualties.

It was clear who won the battle.

Later a peace offering.
"I wuv u too much daddy"

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Long Weekend -11 pictures or less

It was a great weekend! Ronnie and I were both able to take off on Friday and spend some quality time with each other and with Avery.  Later that evening we hosted a get together with our Sunday School class. 
There was this.

And a little bit of this.

The evening ended with the girls crushing the boys in Catchphrase.  Have you played that game?  Great for any size group! You can buy it at any major Big Box store including here.  It's a game that you are given a word or phrase.  You have to get your team to say the word or phrase without actually saying any of the words.  It's SO fun! I'm so glad Ronnie and I could open our home and host this get together! Next month the get together is a pool party!  I better get to the gym! Ha. Ha. That's really funny! Me? At the gym?  I'm still laughing.

Saturday we got to spend the evening with our besties. It was their 6th wedding anniversary and they actually wanted to spend the evening with us!  So romantic huh? Hey, it was their idea!  We spent the evening at Mahogany Prime Steakhouse.  The food was great and the company was better!

 Sunday started with a great morning at worship and ended with a wonderful dinner cooked by Batman and popsicles for the whole family!

The entire weekend I worked on a project that started as a thrift store cheese plate and candle holder.

It ended up as this.  Not too bad for about $5 and a little bit of spray paint!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Best Dad

I haven't had the chance to blog about Father's Day and give Batman the props he deserves. A little more than two years ago we brought home this bundle of joy.

I never knew how wonderful of a father Batman could be.  I mean I knew he'd be a great dad but to see him with our daughter warms my heart.  I love it that Batman makes up songs to Avery with her name it in.

I love it that sometimes the only way to get Avery to sleep would be to sleep him.

I love that he makes up voices for the dogs, for the dolls, and for just about any inanimate object out there.  I love it that it makes Avery laugh and she answers back.
I love that the first person he wants to see when he gets home is our litle girl. 

I love that when we are on the verge of melt down Batman is the expert of diversion and gets Avery laughing and smiling in no time.

I love that he likes to take random pictures of Avery. He may take more pictures of Avery than me!

I love that he wants to take time off to spend time with Avery.  When I don't have the time to take off from work Batman takes off and loves to spend the day with Avery. Even if it does involve jumping off the step stool!

I love that when we go to Target, he can't help but get something for Avery.

I love that Batman will color with Avery for hours. He will draw her monkeys, alligators, horses, dogs, and just about anything else she wants.
I could go on and on about what an amazing father Batman is to our girl.  He loves her more than I ever thought imaginable.  He wants her to experience everything, football games, smoking brisket with him, washing the car, riding a bike.  He plays with her, he sings with her, he tells her "I love you" at least 56 times a day, he puts her to bed late because he wans to spend me time with her.  He reads to her, gives her ice cream for breakfast and takes her to the doctor. He misses Avery when she isn't home, he misses Avery when she goes to bed, and he misses Avery when he mows the lawn.  He loves to water the flowers with Avery, have a water fight and hunt for frogs.  There isn't much he does't like to do with Avery.  I had to have an emergency C-section when Avery was born- I don't think I changed a diaper for 3 days because Batman would do it!
When I would hear someone say "I love my husband even more when I see him as a father" I didn't know what they meant.  Now I do.  I fall in love more and more everyday because Batman is an amazing father.
On Father's Day we had a great day.  We went to church.  Had a great lunch at my in laws and Avery and I gave Batman a small token of our appreciation.  We then went to my parents to spend time with my dad.  I am so grateful to have such great father figures - my Father in law and my own dad. I couldn't ask for a better father to our girl.
I love you Batman.  Thank you for being such a great dad to Avery and husband to me! I love you for not evening knowing what an amazing father you are!

Avery picked the koozie out especially for Batman. We picked the Turkey Steamer together.

I picked out this super cool watch for a super cool dad.

This is probably my all time favorite photo.  Because not only is Batman a super hero he is Prince Charming to me and Avery.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Road Trip

So a few weeks ago my bestie and I took a road trip.  A trip with no husband, no kids and no real plan other than shopping and to see the musical Wicked.  My bestie and I have been friends since high school.  We've been friends for at least 15 years. Some days it feels like less, some days I can't remember her not being in my life.  She's everything you could want in a bestie.  You can read all about her at The Melton Pot.

Let me preface the remainder of this post by stating that this trip was pre-blog days.  Not many pictures were taken so bear with me through the post.

We started our journey at Chic-fil-a.  It was a road trip, we didn't care about what we ate! 

We then made our way 212 miles south toward Dallas.  We had a mission.  We were on the prowl for a new dress for the show that night.  We headed to Northpark Center.  As usual LOFT did not disappoint.  Because of my mom, we both able to get a new dress without have to use any of our personal scrounged and saved money.  My mom is the best!  On the way to Dallas I stopped by and she slipped me some money and said "You girls have a good time."  I thought there was no better time to be had then shopping.  Northpark Center was nice. There was some stores I had never been to like Anthropologie.  By the way, I heart Anthropologie. 

We ate at a new place called Snappy Salads.  It was a great little salad spot-like a salad buffet. 

After an exhausting afternoon of shopping we checked into our hotel.  We ended up having to change rooms but here is the damage we did to our room in about 15 minutes. 

See that cute little hot pink clutch on the ottoman in one of the pictures above.  Yeah, I got that for $8!!  I forgot to mention we stopped at Sam Moon.  That place is the best.  I managed to spend a lot of money cheap jewelry but I came home with a boat load of jewelry!  So did my bestie! We got some good stuff!

After a quick wardrobe change and make-up touch up we don't clean up too badly!

That's my bestie.

That's me!

We had a great meal at a new Italian place called Fedora.  It was a super chic, super hip, superbly decorated, quaint little restaurant.  The food was amazing and the service couldn't have been better. We asked some sweet lady to take our picture while waiting on valet parking. 

For a couple of moms, we aren't too bad to look at, if I do say so myself.  See that black clutch my bestie is holding.  $8!  Listen to me people, go to Sam Moon!  Right now!

Finally we head to the show.  Have you seen Wicked?!  It is SO good.  My favorite musical by far.  Batman and I saw it last summer on Broadway.  He loved it too.  I think I could watch it every day.  I listen to the soundtrack just about every day!  If you haven't seen it, next time it is in your area check it out.  Young and old, man or woman, Wizard of Oz enthusiasts or not will enjoy it. 

My favorite part of the musical is toward the end.  It's the part where Elphoba and Glenda say their final good byes and make amends.  The song "For Good" is about how people in your lives make you who you are and you are better for it.  It gets me. Every. Single. Time.  I tear up. Okay, I cry.  I think about my bestie. How my life is better because of her. Because I have learned so much from her.  Because I can't imagine not sharing the most exciting, scary, sad, normal parts of my life with her.  She listens. She gets me. She is happy when I'm happy and sad when I'm sad.  She makes me a better person. I'm so glad I got to share that weekend with her. 

 Tabitha-thanks for being such a great friend.  You are my friend, confidant, sister and partner in crime.  I love ya!

The weekend ended with more shopping at the outlet in Allen, TX. We got some great deals and managed to pick something up for our girls and our guys. It was a great time but I missed my Batman and cutie too much!  Already planning the next trip!

More adventures to come!