Monday, June 28, 2010

A big fight tonight.

Tonight, there was a fight at our house.  I wasn't surprised.  Batman and Avery spent the whole day together. Tensions were high. I was worried.

Very worried.

Avery was lured outside with the promise of fun in the sun and water.

The girl loves her dad.  She'd do anything.  I told her  not to go out there.  It was just going to lead to grief.  She didn't listen.

Avery's no dummy though.  She knew was what going on.  Acting sweet and innocent though she played along.

"Here daddy.  Twy dis one."

"Look daddy! A bird!"


There were many casualties.

It was clear who won the battle.

Later a peace offering.
"I wuv u too much daddy"

I barely made it out alive.

More adventures to come.


Ronnie said...

This made me laugh. No idea my facial expressions were that of agony.

Tabitha said...

Too fun! Love the pics!

"Miss" Pam said...

Jen and are great parents! Avery is a very lucky and blessed little girl to have you as parents. :-)