Sunday, February 13, 2011

Belated Birthday


Have you ever known someone with a birthday close to Christmas?  And how hard it is to remember their birthday and find something that special birthday gift?  Well, try being married to someone like that. R's birthday is December 21st which is always a challenge around the holidays. 

I've never forgotten his birthday and always try my best to make the day special.  I never wrap his birthday gifts in Christmas paper, I never combine a birthday and Christmas gift (except that one year I planned a trip to Vegas) and I always keep his birthday gifts away from the Christmas tree. 

However, one thing that I didn't do was blog about his birthday.  And since I'm running low on blog topics I thought I'd rewind the clock and share part of the day.

R had taken off all week and I just couldn't get away so R spent the day with Avery.  We went to dinner and then came home to open presents!  My birthday gift strategy changes year to year. Sometimes I have a specific gift I want to get R for Christmas.  This year I had bought gifts, a couple specific for birthday and others I would divide between Birthday and Christmas.


Avery is an expert at opening presents.  Now that we have a child, I'm not sure that we'll ever be able to open our own gifts.  I'm okay with that.

First up, a TV wall mount.  Lame gift right.  Well, this one was actually for me too.  Last year, I bought us R a new TV for our bedroom.  For an entire year we've had our old TV mounted on the wall and the new TV sitting on top of the media shelf in front of the new TV.  Classy.

Next up some new dress shirt.  Real exciting right? I've got a way with gifts!

The best birthday gift ever: The North Face fleece.  I know this is the best birthday gift because R got me one the year before for my birthday.  I love it.  Now, R loves his too!

The gift not pictured: The Avett Brothers Emotionalist on LP.  That perhaps was R's favorite gift.  Spending the day with this little gift wasn't too bad either.


Now...This is what R teaches Avery when I'm not around.


This is Avery's "cute smile".  Ask Avery to give you a "cute smile" and this is the pose she gives.


Lord help us!

More adventures to come!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rock n Roll


So waaay back in September we got to participate in the cutest mini session with Angel Porch of Art and Soul Photography.  Angel has special 15 minute session where she will take as many pictures as she can and the sessions are usually themed (Easter, V-Day, Christmas, etc.).  In September she had a Rock n Roll mini and I had to sign Avery up right away!


The session was adorable.  Angel had set up this toddler size drum set in front of this very photogenic wall and went to work.  The pictures came out something like this.


Let me just tell you.  Avery had a blast. 

She was singing her ABC's, Old McDonald and I think there was a Twinkle, Twinkle thrown in there for good measure.




She was born to be a rocker I tell ya!




Avery picked up this shirt the last time she saw the Stones in concert.  It's vintage. She's that cool. 

She forgot she was wearing her Rolling Stones shirt and not her KISS shirt. She gets this from her dad.  I take no credit for this pose.


This is only a small sampling of the pictures Angel was able to get in only about 15-20 minutes!  We loved every picture ...I've never seen a bad picture of Avery though!  Including this one.


Hug your kids and loved ones tonight.  I know a special 2 year old that's getting extra hugs tonight!

More adventures to come! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day Fun!

So last week we had a little bit of a snow storm.  Okay, fine. We had a blizzard.  So they say.  By the way, who are "they"?  When you find out let me know.

Anyway, we had a bit of snow storm that seemed to shut down the city, the state and what seemed like the entire country.  My Pioneer Woman book was delayed, my Pampered Chef shipment was delayed and best worst of all I had to work at home. 

The storm came in hard and heavy on Monday night and by around 7 that evening I knew my office would be closed.  Working at home has it's advantages, one of which is that I'm home with my Avery G. Although the cold was chilling to the bone, we did manage a little snow play during one of my "breaks".

But before we could go out in the snow, we had to get Avery properly dressed.
Oh yeah, and we couldn't go out with out giving Broozer some pettin's.  If I can recall correctly, Avery had on dress (don't judge me), leggings, leg warms, 2 pair of socks, fleece hoodie, wool coat, gloves, beanie, hoodie on her head and sunglasses.  Oh yeah, and the cutest little wellie boots ever.  So what she was wearing a dress, she was warm, I promise.  Please don't call DHS.

Avery and Broozer have a special bond.  He can't be without her for one minute.  She acousts loves Broozer so much. It just wasn't possible for the two to be outside together though. Broozer might have gotten lost in the snow never to be found again.

R was the one who volunteered to really go out in the snow with Avery. And he was ready.  Doesn't he look so cute?!

Let me say that our house is like the vortex of snow drifts. It could snow 1 inch ourside and we would get 5 foot drifts in front of our garage and house.  It makes it difficult to travel during snow storms even if we wanted too. But it does make for some fun play!

Not quite sure what to do.

That's some deep snow.  And, aren't those just the cutest boots?!

So that drift that Avery is walking up heads up to the front of our house.  The "peak" of the drift was probably a good 3 foot tall and Avery wanted to walk up to the top.

But that's hard to do when you are 2.

Daddy to the rescue!

Nothing is too tall or treacherous for R!

Success at the top of Mount Morris!

I lasted approximately 3 minutes outside.  Hey, it was fa-reeezing cold and my gloves didn't have fingers!  Avery did last much longer than me though...approximately 5 minutes.  Like mother like daughter!

It was fun though to see Avery playing in snow.  Now that storm number 2 has hit all she wants to do is walk in the snow.  Love that girl!

More adventures to come!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


One of the great characteristics that Avery possesses is that she can entertain herself pretty easily.  It comes and goes, but for the most part, if I'm cooking dinner, working on a project or just in the middle of something, Avery will find something to do.  And yes, it usually involves wearing her Minnie Mouse costume or Cinderealla dress.  This night, it was the Minnie Mouse costume.

I have a little cabinet in the hall that I house random stuff.  Including birthday party supplies for Avery's 2 year old party...i really didn't know where else to put the stuff.  Heaven help me if i were to get rid of it!

Cute cabinet right?  Well Avery has discovered the party supplies and she is always wanting to play with them.  This night Avery was on especially good behaviour.
A: Mommy, may I pway with the this (holding up a table runner).
Me: Yes you may.
A: Oh mommy! Tank you, tank you!

A: Mommy, I fogot the bag.  May I pway with the bag?
Me: What bag?
A: Wet me show you.
Me: Ohhh, you want to play with that stuff. Go for it.
A: Mommy, you the best.
(Yes I am)

This is what she proceeded to do.
You can see how she placed the skully runner and a Christmas runner (it never made it back the Christmas box).

She got in the bag and lined up all the little buckets and got out all these paper skully's.

I get kind of weirded out when she lines up stuff in row.  Like those buckets.  Is it just my kid that does that?  Do your children do that?  Please help me out and tell me my child is normal!

She got everything perfectly lined up and in place.
A:Mommy, may I get my fwiends pwease?
Me: Sure. That sounds like a great idea.

Lord help us.  I didn't know she meant ALL her babies!  She got them laid out and in a circle.  And then asked if I would take her picture.  Well, of course I will!

What you can't really see in the picture is when she gets her babies (or friends) laid out like this, she tries to get all of them to hold hands.

It's just about the sweetest thing every!

So there's Avery entertaining herself all the while i'm taking pictures of her.  She was the model child that night using her manners perfectly and not crying or whining one time when it was time to clean up.  i just want to eat her up she's so cute!

More adventures to come!