Monday, July 12, 2010


Yesterday I gave you a sneak peak about another zoo adventure we had.  Now that Avery is a little older, I see things that I haven't seen in years.

Mold-A-Rama!  When was the last time you got a plastic, molded animal.  As my friend Ryan mentioned, a plastic, molded animal that is dispensed at molten lava temperatures.  Regardless of that tiny little fact, I used to have a collection of these awesome little guys.  If I were sentimental I would have my old molded plastic packed away in a box somewhere that I could pass down to Avery.
I'm not sentimental.
I blame my mom.  (Hi Mom.  I love you!)
I still blame my mom.   

After the husby nearly lost his fingers feeding a bird, we saw the Mold-A-Rama machine as we were leaving the building.  This machine dispensed giraffes-one of Avery's favorites. We won't talk about the fact that Avery calls giraffes zebras.  Minor details.

We had to get one for Avery. Had too.  Tried to walk out of the building with out buying it but it called to us.  Kind of like that machine in Big.  Except this one was plugged in.  And didn't make us big.  Maybe because we are already big.  Anyway, we had to get Avery a plastic giraffe.

Mmmm, the smell of melted plastic.
It was a little too hot for Avery to handle at first but Avery loved it. She liked showing it to all the animals.

Look at my zebwa! (giraffe)

Does no one brush this little girl's hair?!

I'm so glad that we took the few minutes to get this toy for Avery.  I doubt she will remember the experience and the giraffe will end up at the bottom of the toy pile, but that's okay. It was more for Ronnie and me.  We may have to make this a tradition...Mold-A-Rama until we collect all of them.  Maybe even 2 of each.

Stay tuned for more about this picture.

More zoo adventures to come.


Tabitha said...

Awesome. But yes you should have gotten 2... We started Hannah a collection but Chloe doesn't have a single one!!! Kinda feeling guilty :-/

Ronnie said...

I'm pretty sure she made an obscene gesture at that hippo.

Anonymous said...

What?!? You found a giraffe mold?!? All i ever got was the stinkin' gorilla!!
Uncle Thing