Monday, October 15, 2012

Ellie Abigail 10 months

Ellie Abigail,
I can't believe it's been 10 months already!  Where has the time gone? This past month has been our favorite by far.  You are quite the curious little thing and we can't get enough of you!  You love to crawl around (and you are so fast) and explore new areas!  We are on birthday count down and mommy is already in planning mode!  We love you baby girl and can't believe how fast you are growing!

At 10 months you:
  • wear size 9 month & 12 month clothes and size 3 shoes.
  • still only have those bottom teeth but we know those top 2 are going to be here any day! Mommy and daddy can feel them!
  • get everyone with those amazing dimples.  We can't get enough of them!
  • are crawling EVERYWHERE and girl, you are fast! You don't hang out long in one place!
  • are pulling up on anything and everything.  You have started to cruise around the furniture but you know crawling is definitely faster!
  • are clapping and think it's so funny. 
  • love to drop your toys and say "uh oh".  We think it's adorable...the first couple of times.
  • have started saying "mama" and still say "dada".  You will sometimes say "baba" for your bottle.

  • put everything in your mouth and it's a wonder you haven't choked on anything yet!
  • still get about 4-5 bottles a day each about 6 oz. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
  • are starting to sleep in for us.  You are usually in bed by 8 PM and get up between 7:30-8 AM.
  • love to stand at the window and look outside.
  • babble constantly.  Between you and your sister, there is never a quiet moment! I can't wait to hear what you have to say.
  • are such a good eater.  You usually get cereal and baby food or yogurt for breakfast & lunch.  At dinner we have been giving you a modified version of what we eat that you can feed yourself.  You love to feed yourself.  You especially love grilled cheese, any kind of bean, chicken, tortilla with cheese, peaches and sweet potatoes.
  • are really getting good at drinking from your sippy cup.
  • are very ticklish. Very.

  • started Children's Day Out with big sister this month!  You are a Tiny Turtle and you are the youngest one in your class.  You haven't cried one time during drop off! You must really love Ms Natasha and Ms Daana!
  • are trying to get used to 1 nap at school.  You have fallen asleep in your high chair a time or two.  You will usually come home from school and give mommy a big nap!
  • got to go to your first pumpkin patch at school! 

  • started sitting in a big girl car seat.  Rear facing still.  Sister thinks it's pretty cool that you are in a big seat! You are growing up!
  • still sleep with a paci and lovey. 
  • have discovered Broozer and Bella and think they are pretty cool.  You love to pet the doggies.
  • are so good at waving at anyone and everyone.  Even the dogs. 
  • have also started clicking your tongue.  It's so cute!
  • have discovered the dishwasher and thinks it a great place to play.
  • love to play in the pantry.  You can sit forever and find all kinds of things to do in there.  You especially like to open and close the pantry door.

  • have discovered the magnets on the fridge and know just how to make the magnets sing.  You crawl right up and make the magnet start singing.  You are so smart!
  • have started really getting some hair.  It has even started curling in the back and behind your ears.
  • are really good at putting your paci in your mouth. 
  • love your sister.  You are always so excited to see her when you have been apart!

Ellie Abigail,
We cannot believe how big you've gotten and how much you can do!  You are an amazing little girl and we know so much more is to come.  Mommy and Daddy can't believe God gave us you! We are blessed beyond measure with you and your sister!


Speaking of big sister..

I can't believe how big this one has gotten.  She is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.


Even when she combs her own hair, puts in her own clips and gives me a silly grin.

My heart is full with these 3.  





Thank you God for this amazing family! My cup runneth over.