Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Being a Princess is Hard Work

Avery is a Princess.  She is the first to tell you that she is a Princess. 

R: Avery, you're yucky!
Avery: I not yucky daddy, I a pincess (princess).

R: Avery, are you a frog?
Avery: No daddy, I not a fwrag!
R:What are you?
Avery: I a pincess!

See what I mean?  It's tough be a Princess though.  You are constantly recognized and have to disguise your looks.

You never know if someone just wants to be friends for your money.

And you do have an image to uphold. 

Being a Princess requires a fabulous pair of shoes.

And the proper amount of bling.

A "wand" of sorts and more bling.

You can't be a princess without a tiara.

But, it's not just about the separate parts that make a princess.  It's about the entire look.

It doesn't hurt to have a funny expression on your face!

See? Being a Princess is tough!

More adventures to come.

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Miss Madison's Mommy said...

I saw this post on facebook (through Emily) and I love it! Too cute!!