Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ellie Abigail-6 months

Ellie Bo Belly,
I really cannot believe you are six months old today!  Where has the time gone?  You are halfway to one! I can't believe you've become such a happy baby too.  We had some rough days in the beginning but those are barely a memory.  Now you are happy, smiley, sweet and the cutest thing ever! This time has been the best and we are so glad God gave us you.  You have made our hearts bigger and taught us how to love deeper. 


At 6 months you:
  • wear cloth diapers on the medium snaps.
  • wear size 6-9 months clothes.  Although, if you are in a disposable diaper your pants and skirts fall right off!
  • wear size 1 shoes.
  • still don't have any teeth.
  • still have those dimples that makes everyone swoon.

  • have officially discovered your feet and think they are a pretty fun toy in a pinch.
  • are no longer swaddled at night!  That is a true miracle! You don't even need a sleep sack anymore!
  • have learned how to blow spit bubbles. 
  • are usually in bed around 7:30 PM.  We put you in bed wide awake and you are asleep within a few minutes.
  • put yourself to sleep at naptime too.  I never thought I would see the day!
  • prefer not to snuggle too much before nap and bedtime.  This makes mommy a little sad because I want to smell you and give you kisses.  But you start to get restless and that's when I know it's time to lay you down.
  • have extended your wake up time a bit.  You are usually up by 8:30 AM.  I know you are ready to be up because I hear you talking and laughing in your crib.  You LOVE to see Avery come in to say good morning.
Watching her big sis.
  • take between 4-5 6 oz bottles a day.
  • are starting to sit up pretty good all by yourself.  You can sit for about 5-10 minutes before toppling over. You do great if there is a toy in front of you.
  • have mastered transferring items from one hand to another.
  • love bathtime.  You can really splash!
  • have started sitting in your high chair and playing with toys during dinner.  You have also started sitting in the seat of the shopping cart at the store.  You are so big!
  • LOVE to be standing.  We can't wait for you to start walking and chasing your sister around the house. 
  • still haven't started solids although you had a couple licks of ice cream and even tried a cheeto.
  • have gotten to have some juice due to a couple of issues.  But that's all cleared up and you are doing fine!  
  • usually take 3 naps although sometimes there is a 4th nap squeezed in.
  • don't really roll too much.  I guess there are more important things to do.
  • have started waving although i'm not sure you know what you are doing.  
  • have you appointment with Dr. F later this week.  I can't wait to see how much you've grown since your 4 month appointment.

I had Avery with me trying to get Ellie to smile. In a rare instance Ellie actually looked at me and smiled instead of Avery.

Ellie, you are so big and getting bigger by the day.  Life is complete with you.  We love you baby girl. 

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