Monday, June 18, 2012

Spa Day

So the other day Avery wanted to paint me toes.

Avery: Mommy, can I paint your toes with pail polish (nail polish).
Me: Sure!
Avery: Really?! All by myself?
Me: Yep! That sounds great!
Avery: Yay!  We can play nail store.  I will be the nail store manager. You can call me Rainbow.

Seriously! Where does this girl come up with this stuff? 

I let Avery pick out my color.  Pink.  Big surprise.  And then I let her paint my toes all by herself.




It's very serious work being the nail store manager! Avery takes great pride in her work.


I've never had a better pedicure by a 4 year old!


  Avery was so proud to paint my nails. I'm pretty sure I kept them that way for several days because I was too lazy to fix them so Avery would know how much I loved them.

It was a fun mommy daughter time. I'd do it a million times!

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