Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

It was a great Father's Day around these parts.  Ronnie's first with TWO girls!  Such a fun day!

Avery and Ellie have the best daddy that's for sure!


Avery put her mad creative skillz to work and made a super great card! She even wrote Happy Fathers Day all by herself!



And the girls even picked out a gift for daddy! And helped him open it too!


The girls got him an OU pizza peel since he loves grilling pizzas. He also got the new Jack White album on vinyl and Avery painted him a picture on a real canvas. She did a great job! 


I also had Avery complete an "All About My Dad" fun sheet.  Some of the answers cracked us up!

all about my dad 2012

Ronnie sure does love his girls and I couldn't have picked a better dad to our girls!



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Megan said...

So cute!! What great sentimental gifts!