Thursday, June 14, 2012

Starting Solids

At Ellie's 6 month appointment we got the green light to start solids.  I remember with Avery we started solids sooner that 6 months but this time around I guess things have changed.  Our peditrician recommended waiting until 6 months and quite frankly that was fine by me.  Adding solids to our routine was just one thing I wasn't ready for.

But finally we figured it was time. We started Ellie with rice cereal.  Let me say, baby girl LOVED it.

Couldn't get enough.


Was grabbing my hand and pulling the spoon toward her.


I'm pretty sure I could have let her feed herself if I wanted to.



And because Avery can't be left out, Avery was loving her corn on the cob that night! She's such a big girl (with wild and crazy hair).


I can't believe we are feeding Ellie solids! It just doesn't seem possible.


I can't decide if time goes by faster for the second child. It certainly seems like both these girls are growing up too fast!


Next up on the menu: Acorn Squash! Sure to be a big hit!

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