Monday, May 28, 2012

Cloth Diapers

We've been cloth diapering for about a month now so I thought I would give you an update on how its going.  And maybe a quick lesson on how it actually works.

The switch to cloth was actually WAY easier than I thought it was going to be.  Before we switched I had read a ton about using cloth diapers and it is SUPER intimidating reading all the available information.  I finally decided to make a trip to a local store, The Green Bambino and got a ton of my questions answered.

We made the switch to cloth for a couple reasons. 
1. We are pretty conservative and try to do our part in being green.  Can't be much more green than cloth diapers.
2. I ain't got no job.  Well, my job now is to raise kids.  Unfortunately my pay is usually love, hugs and an occasional melt down.  After the initial outlay to buy your stash, cloth is pretty cheap.
3. After reading all the research about disposables there are tons of chemicals that go into making disposable diapers.  Why no keep that off Ellie's little tushie if possible?

Questions I get:

Is it hard?
Actually it's not that much more difficult than disposables.  At first I said if I was working out the home I probably wouldn't do it.  But now that we've been doing it for a month, I would say even if you are working outside the home, it can be done. 

Does it take more time?
It's a little more time consuming (I'm talking like 30 minutes a week).  There is a little more laundry to do (I was diapers every other day) and some extra folding but there's something oddly relaxing about folding and stuffing diapers.  Packing the diaper bag takes a little more thought but I've the hang of it now.

What kind do you use?
I acutally have a pretty good mixture of diapers in my stash.  Are you ready for the lesson?

All my diapers are one size meaning they have snaps that adjust the diaper from 8 lbs to potty training. See all those snaps?  You can adjust the rise to fit your baby.  I also have a mixture of snap and velcro closures.  Velcro is great for church nursery workers or day care providers (or grandparents). Snaps tend not to wear out as easily.


I have some all in one diapers.  These diapers are most like a disposable in that everything is attached and requires little prepping after they've been washed. Just lay the "wings" in place and you are ready to go.


I also have pocket diapers.  These diapers have a pocket that you stuff an insert in.  These are good for night time because you can double stuff them and they should last all night.


I also have covers and prefolds.  The covers are waterproof and require something inside them to be the pee catcher.


I use prefold diapers (like those gerber cloth diapers we all like  to use as burp cloths) that are a better quality than what you buy at walmart or target.


You lay the prefold (or stay dry liner) inside the cover and put on baby.  Easy peasy.


Covers and prefolds are actually the cheapest way to cloth diaper.  You could probably spend around $100 - $150 and easily get started with a pretty good stash.

So those are the types of diapers in my stash.  There are a couple more kinds that I don't have but i'm pretty happy with these 3 types.  I have enough in my stash to easily diaper for 2-3 days.

Where do you put the dirty diapers?
If i'm out and about I have the cutest little wet bag for my diaper bag.


If I need to change Ellie I just put the diaper (even if it's poopy) in my wet bag and I deal with everything when I get home. As a side note, these wet bags are great for your pool or gym bag.  They can hold wet swim suits, wet towels, sweaty clothes etc. They keep the wet and the stink in the bag. There are tons of different sizes and prints.  You can get them on Amazon or your local cloth diapering store.  Some of them even have a strap you can attach to your stroller.

At home I have a diaper pail with a pail liner.


This is by Ellie's chaning table.  Take off diaper and throw in diaper pail.  If it's dirty it requires an additional step but other than that, easy peasy.

How often do you wash?
I wash every other day.  It's not been a hassle at all. I just take my pail liner, dump all the diapers (and we use cloth wipes) in the washer, throw in the pail liner and thats it.

Does Ronnie change diapers?
Yep!  He is more likely to change the dirty diapers when he is home because I hate dealing with them.  But they really aren't that much of a hassle.

What else is there?
There are tons of other things you can get to go along with cloth diapers.  Flushable liners for diapers in case of poopy diaper, flushable inserts, cloth diaper safe detergent, cloth diaper safe diaper cream and on and on.  What I've talked about is the basics.  You just kind of figure it all out.  You figure out what works best for night time, whats best for around the house, whats best for outings, and on and on.  But eventually you do figure out whats best for you, baby and your family.

So all in all, its been a great experience for us.  Is it for everybody?  I say no but that's okay. There are tons of things you may do with your family that just doesn't work for our family but that's okay too. 

Hopefully I've answered any questions about cloth diapering.  It's not your mom's cloth diapers that's for sure!  They come in such cute colors and prints that you can really get carried away buying cute diapers and accessories. 

Have more questions?  Just let me know! 

We think Ellie likes her cloth diapers too!


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