Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ellie Abigail: 5 months

Ellie Bo Belly,
Where have these last 5 months gone?  This month has by far been our favorite month!  You are really starting to grow and get a personality.  We love seeing it come out!

At 5 months you:
  • are FINALLY in cloth diapers! You have been in them for exactly a week and they are working out great.
  • wear size 1 shoes and get your toes painted regularly.
  • wear size some 3-6 and mostly 6-9 month clothes.  I really think the cloth diapers help those 6-9 month clothes fit or otherwise they would fall right off!
  • still don't like to be on your tummy.  I'm not sure you'll ever like it.

  • love to stand up on your feet.  You have been enjoying your exersaucer more and more everyday and have figured out how to turn around and play with all the toys.
  • eat just about 6 ounces every 4 hours.
  • are still swaddled at night although we are starting to wean you.  You have been sleeping with one arm out and last night you slept with both arms out. Although you don't seem to be able to settle with both arms out so we are going back to one arm out.
  • still wake up around 2 AM for a feeding.  I had hoped that being unswaddled with help you drop this feeding.  Maybe you can find your hands at night!
  • are usually in bed by 7:30 PM, 8 PM at the latest.
  • start the day around 7 AM.  You wake up talking and happy. 
  • starting to figure out how to pick up your paci and put it in your mouth.  Now if you could just do that with your bottle!
  • seem to act like you will start sitting up on your own soon.  You can sit for approximately 3.2 seconds before toppling over.
  • attended your first birthday party (your sister of course)

  • still aren't rolling over from back to tummy but we think it could happen soon. 
  • smile at just about anyone that talks to you.  Everyone LOVES those dimples!

  • love to look around and are so curious.  You especially love to watch big kids play.
  • still give your sister your best laughs.  It melts our hearts to see how much you two love each other!
  • reach for all your toys like a pro.
  • are so so verbal.  You love to hear yourself talk.  You and Avery will have so much to talk about.  Mommy is a little worried about what this means for the noise level in the house in the future!
  • have started really splashing during bath time, one of your favorite times of the day!
  • taking 3-4 naps a day between 30 min-1 hour.  Sometimes they are a little longer.

    Oh Baby Girl, we can't believe how big your are getting.  You are getting bigger and bigger every day.  Someday you will be as big as your sister and I can't even imagine it! I know next month will bring even more things you will learn how to do! I say it every month...we can't wait! 

    Love you little Sweet Pea.

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