Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby Dedication

A few weeks ago we had a Baby Dedication ceremony at our church.

At our church a baby dedication ceremony is a time that Ronnie and I, as parents, dedicate our child to God.  Not in the Samuel in the Bible kind of way where we leave her at the church to be raised.  No, more in the we as parents also dedicate ourselved to teach Ellie about God's love, His plan for her and encourage her in they ways of the Lord.  Including bringing her to church but we have to bring her home when church is over.

Before the service we did manage to get a few pictures of the girls.

These girls seriously love each other!

And their daddy too!

The service is pretty short.  We are called up on stage (Ronnie isn't too fond of this part).

Our pastor says a few words about how awesome we are.  Okay, not really but he does say a few words about bringing up our kids in God's love and direction.

And Ellie gets her very own Bible. Avery still has her Bible from her Baby Dedication ceremony when she was a bitty baby. I think Avery tried to confinscate Ellie's Bible too.

But as everyone knows, it takes a village to raise your kids.  In our case, we are grateful to have the grandparents around to help us.


Both my parents and Ronnie's parents were able to come to the dedication.  This might be confusing but those are Ronnie's parents behind me and my parents behind Ronnie. 


God has blessed us with our beautiful girls and the least we can do is raise them to love Him with all their hearts.  Thanks to Him for all our blessings!

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