Monday, May 7, 2012

Rock n Roll bag

Did you know that I sew?  Well I do. And I'm not kidding when I say it's revolutionized my life.  If you ask me the top 3 things that have changed my life forever they would be:

  1. Accepting Christ as my Savior.
  2. Marrying my husby.
  3. Learning how to sew.
That's how major it is.

By the way, of course having kids has changed my life but that falls under #2.  I wouldn't have the kids without him!

Anyway, I am starting to sell some of the stuff I make.  I am doing my first show, Junk Hippy in June and that is really what got me started selling my stuff.

All that to say I made this adorable bag today.

I make the most adorable ruffled tote and got an order for a boy tote.  Since ruffles don't really go well with boys I consulted my research and development department and came up with this.  Is this not perfect for a little boy?  That guitar fabric is my new favorite fabric.  I love it!

This bag is a great size!  I love it.  I made one for Avery and it is her library bag.  It's also the perfect size for a quick overnight bag for your little one to stay at grandma's.  I can't wait to make one for Ellie when she's too big for a diaper bag but we still need to carry around a few diapers and toys. 

And if you don't believe me that the ruffle tote is the most adorable thing check this out.

Seriously people.  Is that not the cutest thing?  And that doesn't even have an initial.  I've not given this bag to anyone yet that hasn't told me they've gotten at least one compliment about how cute it is! 

If you want your own bag let me know!  Be sure to "like" my shop on facebook, Paisley Apple Boutique!

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