Friday, May 4, 2012

Zoo Tradition

It's always been a tradition to take Avery to the zoo for her birthday.  This year was no exception. It helped that Avery got a zoo pass for her birthday.  I'm sure we will be spending A LOT of time at the zoo this year!

I love our zoo.  It's gotten so much better since I was a kid! I can remember going and it was all concrete and boring animal exhibits.  Now theres lots of shade and vegitation and the exhibits are getting to be really fun and interesting. I think Ellie has a good time too.

We got to the zoo fairly early and it seems that seeing animals at that time is hit or miss but that didn't slow us down!

Avery got tired of me constantly taking pictures of her as evidenced by her very forced smile in the above photo.  This one didn't mind so much.

Getting to hang out as a family was the best part.  Ronnie took a day off work and it was so nice having him around!

Oh, and we did see a few animals.

Avery's favorite exhibit is what she calls the "Spooky House".  It looks like a barn and when you go in its dark.  Inside are bats, owls, and all kinds of creepy animals.  She insisted on going through this twice.  I made Ronnie take her the second time.  Ellie really needed to "eat"...yeah, it was Ellie's fault.

But let's be honest, you don't come to the blog to see pictures of animals so I spared you the best I could.

I love our zoo tradition with Avery!  When did she get to be so big?

This one was taken by the 4 year old herself.  I can't believe my baby girl is 4!  I'll have to do a blog post of Avery from birth to 4.  I may cry! 

More adventures to come!

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