Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Slide

A couple weeks ago when it was still four million degrees outside R and I decide to bust out Avery's little pool.  R wants Avery to have an extra good time so he filled the pool with water balloons.
A few weeks prior to this, my mom's friend Denise found this little slide, climber thing-a-ma-jig and picked it up for Avery.
She knew we were looking for a slide.
Isn't that sweet?!  She even delivered it to my office!  Thanks Denise!
Anyway, R and I decided that Avery would have an EXTRA good time if we put the slide part IN the pool so that when she went down the slide she ended up in the pool!
It's like a water park in our own back yard!
The slide is not hovering in mid-air.  Rather, it's floating on the water.  Anyway, the plan worked perfectly.  Avery LOVED being able to slide right into the water!

And she had her water balloons she could terrorize show the dogs. 

What I loved about the evening is that it was all R's idea.  He always thinks of fun and exciting things to do with his Princess.  Another reason I love him more and more!

Not to mention, without him, I wouldn't have that adorable face to look at every day!
Life doesn't get much better!


More adventures to come.

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Erin Conrad said...

I'm not gonna lie, I miss the references to Batman. But these pics are adorable!