Sunday, August 8, 2010


My heart can't handle much more.

This week two of God's children were called home.  Matt and Erma will be missed by friends and family.  They have both inspired those around them and may that legacy continue.

I also started reading this blog today by Sheye Rosemeyer.  Stop by and read her journey.  It's beautiful, tragic, inspiring and a story I cannot imagine living. It makes me thank God for this girl.

And thankful for all the posts, pictures and ramblings I've done throughout these 2 years of the love of my life.

A special thanks to Erin Conrad for these fabulous pictures of our Little Princess.  I'm forever grateful for the time you captured. Today these pictures mean more to me than when they were first taken.

Today I will hug Avery a little tighter, be a little more patient with her, and maybe even let her stay up past her bed time just to have a few more minutes with her.  I can't help it.  My heart CAN handle more of that girl. 

More sentimental adventures to come.

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Erin Conrad said...

A great reminder to treasure every moment of this crazy life. Love you guys!