Monday, August 9, 2010

Mini Vacay

We took a mini vacay this week.  Just a few hundred miles south to Dallas.  Highlights of our weekend include:

An awesome place to eat.

It served food like this.
With fun order "numbers".

And had decorations that a 2 year old couldn't stop talking about.

We also went to the American Girl store.  Have you been here?

It's a store with 1 million "american girls" with stories, clothes, toys and books for each girl. There are matching clothes for your big girl too.

Avery got some major loot  a few things.

We went to the Dallas Aquarium.  It was pretty cool for kids of all ages.

Unfortunately my punk angellic child was not on her best behavior so I didn't get a lot of pictures of her cranky beautiful disposition.  Luckily we ended on a high note and didn't have to drag Avery kicking and screaming out of the aquarium.  I thought we were going to have to.  She had her moments. Traveling with a 2 year old ain't easy I tell ya!

Our trip also included a trip to Ikea.  R was so gracious and patient to walk around the store and let me look around. Avery was in much better spirits by this point and cooperated as well.  She even ate jumbo hot dog and 1/2 a regular hot dog.  Shopping works up a killer appetite!

All in all we had a great time.  It was a quick trip and had the weather not been so blazing hot, we would have had more outside activities on our itenerary.  Luckily Dallas is a few hour drive so it will all be waiting for us next time.

My favorite picture from the weekend.

More adventures to come.

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