Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor of Love

I love that girl.  She's funny, silly, and goofy.  She loves princesses, Mickey Mouse, her cousin Kelwi (Kelli) and her besties Chloe and Hannah.

Another thing she is.


So when I circled September 3rd on the calendar to begin Potty Training.  I knew it wouldn't be easy.

Don't stop reading!  I pinky swear promise this will be my 1 and only post about potty training.  I promise I won't mention anything about pooping or peeing on the potty.  Except for that sentence.  I promise that's it.

I had Lora Jensen's ebook 3 Day Potty Training and we were ready to go. Have you read this ebook?  If not, check it out. It's worth it.


Plastic Drop cloths.
R and I recently got new furniture.  We sold our beloved leather furniture (which we often miss and reminisce about the good ol' days-are you reading this Bro. Floyd?!) and traded it for a great chenille furniture. The drop cloths were to protect the furniture.

These were to go over the drop cloths.  Sitting on plastic drop cloths to watch TV just isn't practical.

M & M's.
These were supposed to be prizes for Avery.  I may or may not have opened the peanut butter M & M's at work.  And then began to eat them at home.  And finished them off by Sunday.  Don't judge me!  Potty training is tough!

 Awesome Potty Training chart.
This is high tech people. You won't find this on Etsy, Ebay or Craig's List.  If you want to know where you can get your hands on one of these highly sought after potty charts, email me. I will give you the super secret template!

Rewards for successes on the potty.  They were to go on Avery's Potty Chart.  They ended up on Avery's arms.

If you prefer, underwear.  They are big girl panties at our house.  There are 26 pairs to be exact.  The book recommends 20-30 pairs.  I was confident in Avery's ability so I only bought 26 pairs.  Clearly my child is advanced.

All in all, Avery did great.  There were a few expected accidents but she seems to have the hang of it.  I would say we are about 80% there. She's stubborn but it's potty training is a learning experience. I would definitly recommend the ebook and the method.  It's pretty low stress (at least for child).  I would say though that at the end of 4 days being couped up in the house I definitly needed a support group and a glass of wine. My friend was potty training her twins at the same time so I had a life line I could check in with periodically.

R was great too.  He was gone most of the first 2 days for various reasons but stepped right in and recognized my need for some me time.  I got out of the house a few times in the last few days and we were even able to get out ON Labor Day accident free. I <3 that guy!

My baby is growing up and it kills me.  Perhaps we should think about another one...later.

Are you kidding?  I don't have to buy diapers now!

More adventures to come!


Floyd McKee said...

You may bring that cute girl by here to sit on the couch and wait for the next potty time. Even if she misses, cause my furniture is leather. It will clean easier.

Anonymous said...

sweet panties, love to take her to pee and pull them down, lick her pussy clean after, very young girlz r the best, don't swell, don't tell, happy as hell