Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two projects. One night.

I made these two projects tonight.

I love making the banners.  I usually make one for Avery's birthday...

and since it IS America's birthday, what better way to decorate.

I hope to eventually have set for every holiday. 

I was inspired by my friend Emily for this next project. I'm not going to lie. Her craftiness lately has made me very jealous.

I had to show her what I was made of.  I could make cute letters too!

I assure you, she definitely had cuter letters. I could have taken a little more time and embellished them a little more, but not too shabby. 

Both projects are very inexpensive and proof positive they can be completed in 1 evening that included getting dinner in the oven, eating, Tan andTone, a short slow walk with Avery and a break to eat watermelon. You can find everything you need at Hobby Lobby.  (or in your junk craft room).

More adventures to come!

1 comment:

Beth said...

Ok, I want you to give me details on how to make the banners. Those are totally cute!