Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Evening with Jen & Ronnie

I know that you are wondering what it's like to spend an evening with Jen and Ronnie. I mean after the Frog Hunting escapade you must be on pins and needles wondering how we spend all our free time. Well my friends I must give you what you want. Here is the perfect evening.
First there's this:

Right now you have to imagine a picture of a plate with BBQ beef brisket sandwich, baked potato, pickled okra and little bit of guac and chips. I know, the guac and chips might be considered a little unconventional but it was delicious. So was the left over brisket Batman made a few weeks ago and put in the freezer. I didn't get a picture of our meal. I really don't have my camera around my neck all the time. Cut me some slack and imagine for a minute.

Then there was this:

Bathtime. This is Avery standing, throwing her hands above her head and saying "I Avry!"

Avery enjoys stacking her letters on the side of the tub. She said "Mommy look, my letters tall!" Then they fell over. What you don't see is just seconds after this last picture Avery fell out of the bath tub head first. I mean completely out of the tub. I had to pick her up off the floor and put her back in the water. Yep, it's a good thing Avery's middle name is Grace. She's gonna need some serious help!

Lastly and most importantly we did this:

Did I mention Avery hearts ice cream. Well she does. It makes her smile. It makes her say "Yay! Ice Cream!" She might like ice cream more than shoes.

Batman wasn't home for bath and ice cream. He had to run to the store for some super hero duties (like getting milk that his super hero wife forgot to pick up) so he missed out on a little fun. But he got to put Avery to bed so I think all is right with the world.

I leave you again with another parting shot. Avery has really gotten some use from this step stool. She can move it in the kitchen to play "cooking". She loves to get out all her spoons and cook. However, tonight was the first time I saw her ride it like a horsey. Precious.

More adventures to come.