Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Frog Hunting

Avery loves, I mean LOVES to be outside. Tonight was no exception. After Aves and I got home from church and ate dinner, Batman mentioned he needed to water the flowers so of course his little helper needed to go out with him. I can't say no even when it is almost bedtime (note the helper in her pj's).

She is very independent and MUST do it herself. She is two you know. Fully capable of doing EVERYTHING all by herself!

And she looks good doing it. Our flower beds are full of frogs. They come out when we water. Soon after Avery and Batman started watering Avery was asking for the frogs. The Frog Hunt began.

Frog Hunt Basics:
1. Water the flower bed to lure frogs out of their hiding places. Luring frogs is serious business. It is not for the weak hearted.

2. Hunt for frogs. You may need a super hero to help you. Luckily we have a super hero around here.

3. Find frogs! This is the most important part. Whats the point in a Frog Hunt if you don't find anything? Finding frogs is fun. It doesn't take long to see a big frog, little frog or even a bitty, baby frog in our flower beds. They are everywhere!

4. I said Step 3 was the most important part but I lied. Step 4 is the most important part. Get your Batman to catch a baby frog and then touch it! This was my favorite part of the evening. Tonight was the first night Avery actually wanted to touch the frog. She kept saying "Dat a lil frog!" She shrieked and squealed and screamed everytime she touched and and it jumped. My heart melted (for the 1 millionth time) because of this new experience and I fell in love with Batman all over again for giving her the excitement of touching frogs.

Avery has been such a daddy's girl lately. Am I offended? No way. Actually I love it. I love it that Avery loves her daddy so much. I love it that she wants to help him water and catch frogs. I love it that they have songs they can share. I love it that they share a special bond. I don't worry about it. Avery grew inside of me...I'll always be her mother and be there in ways Batman can't. So when she wants him more than me my heart smiles. And I fall more in love with Batman because he such an amazing daddy.

I leave you with this parting shot. My favorite of the night. A true testament of my girl...cute, melt your heart smile and silly as all get out.
More adventures to come!

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