Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Brownie House

I picked up a Halloween Brownie House kit on my last visit to Aldi.  It was $5 bucks and very much an impulse buy while waiting to check out.  But I knew that Avery would love baking the brownies and decorating the brownie house. 

Side note: I often bake with Avery.  It's something my mom did with me and I have fond memories of making chocolote chip cookies, cakes and brownies.  At Christmas we would always make spritz cookies and decorate them.  So I find myself baking a lot with Avery.  She is big enough to help and well, it doesn't hurt to have an edible finished product!

Avery had been asking to make her brownie house so I finally caved and got to work.  The kit came with the brownie mix, shaped pans and lots of decorating supplies (like icing and candy).

Ronnie was Avery's helper of course.

collage 1

But then Avery had everything under control and could decorate her house all by herself.

collage 2

Avery was very serious about the placement of her candies! I think as much candy was consumed as what was put on the house.

Avery's finished house, with the help of her dad of course. I'm pretty sure after I took this picture Avery added more candy to the door and windows so this wasn't the "final, final" product.


She was still pretty proud.

The kit made two houses.  And Ronnie being the kid that he is couldn't wait to get his hands on
the second house.

Not too shabby.

With the holidays right around the corner, I'm certain there will be lots more baking and decorating going on in our house.  Bring it!

More adventures to come!

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