Tuesday, October 25, 2011

33 Weeks

Confession: I'm horrible at taking pregnancy pictures of myself. 

It's one thing I regret with my pregnancy with Avery and I told myself that with this kid I would do better.  If anything I've done worse. I had big plans to take weekly pregnancy pictures.  As of today, I have 2 pregnancy pictures.  Pretty awesome right?

This is the first picture I took of myself pregnant. I was 14 weeks.

I had a little bump and hadn't gained too much weight. I could still wear some of my regular clothes including my favorite pair of jeans. At this point, I barely knew where my yoga pants were stashed.

This is me now. At 33 weeks.

Huge. I'm past that "I feel like a cute pregnant girl".  I've now entered the "I look like a whale" stage.  Mental not to self: This blue shirt does not help the whale look. I can no longer wear any "normal" clothes and am sick of maternity clothes. My yoga pants and I are BFF and I'm fairly certain Ronnie thinks I don't get dressed during the day.  I assure you, if we go out in public I am dressed appropriately.  But I will admit as soon as we get home, the jeans come off and the yoga pants come on. 

I will admit, I'm doing better with this pregnancy than I did with Avery as far as weight gain.  I've walked a lot more now than I did with Avery and am trying to eat better.  But the holiday season is just around the corner and I'm going to really have to watch myself. I mean, look at my face.  It's already getting puffy and there's still 6 weeks to go!

So here are some things you might be wondering.

When are you due again?
My due date is December 10th but we have a C-section scheduled for December 5th.  I had to have an emergency C-section with Avery and while it's not the ideal delivery plan, it's what I've got.  I am praying (and asking you to do the same) that I go into labor before the 5th.  Mostly it's selfish but I want to deliver around the 1st so we can be in the hospital over the weekend. Bizarre I know but it's a schedule thing.

How are you feeling?
I'm feeling fine as you can feel at 33 weeks.  I'm definitely getting tired and being home with Avery can be exhausting at times (that's not me complaining by the way). But, all in all, this pregnancy has been good to me.

Is Avery excited?
Avery is VERY excited to be a big sister.  I'm not sure she understands what she's in for when Baby Sister gets here.  We've tried to explain that Baby Sister will take a lot of attention but Avery's 3.  I'm not sure she really gets it.  But she likes to talk and sing to Baby Sister.  She gives Baby Sister hugs and during every prayer time she says "thank you for Baby Sister and keep her helpy (healthy)".  It might be the sweetest thing ever. Melts my heart.

Are you ready?
No.  I'm not ready.  Not only is the nursery not ready (although we do have a crib so what more do we need?) and not prepared mentally.  I mean, two kids?! Some days I can barely handle the one kid we have.  How does it work with two?  Yikes!  But I am thankful that Ronnie is such a hands on dad and I'm not doing this alone.  Our girls have wonderful grandparents that are willing to step in at a seconds notice so we have lots of help.  Not to mention our friends that I know I can call and cry on their shoulders too!

Do you have a name?
We did finally decide on a name: Ellie Abigail.
There's no special significance to either name.  We just liked them. 

So there you have it.  A 33 week update.  Maybe I'll update weekly from here on out... but I wouldn't count on it!


Julie said...

Yay! I was beginning to think this pregnancy thing was all a sham since I hadn't seen any real proof ;).

Josh and Lindsay said...

Whoohoo! Julie and I are really working (BTW) but yay! an update! You look great :) I cannot wait to meet the new little one and I better see you before she gets here.

Amy Butler said...

So exciting! And I love the name. Glad everything is going so well and will definitely keep you guys in my prayers! You will definitely have to keep me posted about the transition from 1 to 2 kids. Every time I start thinking about when to have the second one I get a little freaked out!