Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bubble Blast


Recently I have been helping out my bestie and watching her girls a few days a week.  Being the awesome "aunt" I am, I am always trying to find fun things for the girls to do.  Plus it gets us out of the house and usually provides a few hours of entertainment.

Our local community center offered a Bubble Blast one morning so I signed us all up to go.  The activity was supposed to provide lots of different ways to play with bubbles. 

The first thing they did they got a small container with bubble solution and a straw.  They could blow through the straw and makes lots of bubbles.  The girls seemed to enjoy this.


Well, Avery and Hannah seemed to enjoy the activity.  Chloe refused to participate.  Apparently she is too cool for bubbles!


See, Hannah having a good time.  Chloe not participating.  Can't please everyone right?

There were also other bubble activities too.


All in all I think we were all a little underwhelmed. I was expecting more organization and everything was just haphazardly set out.  But I think the girls had a decent time and it gave us all something to do.

Plus there was a snack involved. Bonus.


Can we all agree that snacks make everything just a little bit better?

Avery has enjoyed having her friends over.  And although there is usually some bickering and tears (usually my child- she's kind of a drama mama) I know deep down they all love each other.


They kind of have to since their mama's are such good friends.

More adventures to come.

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Megan said...

What beautiful girls! I'm going to have to let Madi try the blowing through the straw thing, she loves a good bubble mess :)