Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Cutest Unicorn

This year has to be my favorite Halloween with Avery.  She finally understood she was going to get to dress up and couldn't wait to go Trick or Treating.  Anytime we went into a store she had to look at all the Halloween stuff.  Usually this means going over to the area of decorations that made noises and had buttons to push. She loved pushing the buttons and seeing what the decoration did.  I shouldn't be surprised about this.  Ronnie LOVES Halloween so Avery comes by it naturally.

When we asked Avery what she wanted to be for Halloween she said she wanted to be a unicorn.


Okay so the conversation may have gone more like this.

Me: Avery, don't you want to be a unicorn for Halloween?
Avery: Yay! I want to be a unicorn!

How easy it is to sway a 3 year old! In my defense, she's really into unicorns these days and I knew she'd love being a unicorn.

We initially bought her costume at Pottery Barn Kids in a moment of weakness.  But after searching Ebay and finding a costume for half the price, the PBK costume when straight back to the store!

Avery had a blast dressing up and wearing pink unicorn make-up!


Avery had a Halloween party at school and had a blast dressing up and trick or treating.

We also went to the Spooktacular event at our local community center.  Along with 4 bajillion other people but that's another issue.

unicorn w bones
unicorn spooktacular
Of course we went out Halloween night as well.  And of course, this mom was too caught up in the moment to snap a single photograph!  I know, I know. Mom of the year over here.  But Avery got to trick or treat with her besties Hannah and Chloe.  Those girls could had a blast running from house to house.  Their little "trick or treat" voices were adorable.  And though we constantly had to remind them "remember to say thank you!" before they rang the doorbell, they were on their best behavior.

Next year we'll have two little girls to dress up for Halloween!  I'm still having trouble wrapping my brain around having two little girls in the house but I can't wait!

More adventures to come!

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Megan said...

That costume is awesome, she's totally the cutest unicorn ever!