Sunday, September 18, 2011

Project Nursery

Yep, this picture just about sums up how crazy this nursery project has been.

I'm not going to lie, I have been dreading starting on the nursery.  Not because I wasn't ready to get the party started, but I knew that once the party started, it was going to turn into something huge.  And a huge project it was!

First, the room had to be cleaned out.  The room that will be the nursery had become our junk room.  You've got one of those right?  The room had a full size bed, dresser full of of fabric and sewing supplies, sewing machine and desk along with a TON of stuff set aside for a garage sale.  Thankfully, we had some extra space in our garage due to the recent sale of Ronnie's beloved Mustang.  So to the garage most of this stuff went.

Next, we decided to take the carpet of the room.

carpet collage2

We had planned on getting new carpet in this room and knew that painting the room would be much easier without the carpet.  See, I had this crazy idea a while back that we should paint all the trim in our house white.  We would just paint it one room at a time.  Have you ever painted trim?  It ain't for sissies I tell ya.  Anyway, Avery was such a big helper getting the carpet out of the room.
carpet collage
I had to throw in the picture with Avery wearing her wellies. It wasn't raining inside or outside during this project. She has her own fashion sense.

After the carpet was out of the room the real hard work began.  Ronnie was a saint and did most of the work although Avery and I got our hands dirty every once in a while.


Trim: 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of paints. Like I said, it ain't easy!


Avery was such a big helper!


See? I actually did some work.  When Ronnie and I paint, I'm always the cut in girl.  That's my job.  I'm pretty good at it.  Plus, it usually means I don't have to use any rollers.  I prefer it that way. And that awesome bandana?  It gives you super powers.  My friend said it does and I believe her. Although it does not help a pregnant girl get up off the floor while painting trim. 


Let's be honest, Ronnie did most of the work. And by most I mean 95%.


He's such a paint stud!

Still working.  Ronnie did most of the taping himself. We decided to go  with one white line around the room.  Why we always insist on stripes in a nursery is beyond me.  It's such a hassle.

At one point, Ronnie spilled just a tiny bit of paint on the floor.  Just a little bit.


He tried to blame it on me.  Thankfully we did pull up the carpet!

Ronnie had a little fun in the room. During one break time he left this little message for Avery and I. He included the New Kid's initial but at this point, it's still a secret!


All that work was worth it!  The room is painted and I big fat puffy heart love it!


The white trim really makes the paint color pop. The paint is an aqua and teal and this picture does not do it justice.

Avery and Ronnie thought it would be fun to put their handprints in the closet.

handprint collage

All in all this project took a week to complete.  A week!  I could have never dreamed we would spend a week painting a room but that's what it came to.  It looks great though and I can't wait to get the carpet installed, crib put up and bedding made!  This kid will be here in about 12 weeks! Yikes! That just doesn't seem like enough time!

I had to throw in this last pictue.  New Kid already has a closet full of "stuff".  I can already tell having two girls is going to be crazy!

Avery is so excited for baby sister to be here.  We tell her that her baby sister will be here at Christmas time.  I've heard her tell her friends that.  The other night she told me "I'm so excited for baby sister to be here. She will be here at Christmas."  Melt my heart! We know she is going to be a great big sister.

More adventures to come!


Megan said...

1. that's a ton of work, good thing you have a great hubs!
2. Ummmm could she be any cuter in her wellies! I love them!
3. super heart love the colors and the white stripe, fab-u-lous!!!

Lucy Stewart said...

Love it! Nursery & bandana :)