Monday, September 5, 2011

Random Vidoes

I haven't blogged in a while.  I have some pictures from some recent adventures but haven't been able to actually get them from my camera to my computer.  So in the meantime I'd thought I'd post a few videos I've taken of Avery recently.  Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Avery loves to do flips off the couch.  R taught her how to do this.  I'm pretty sure he regrets it.  I'm constantly afraid she's going to break her neck.

Since I've been staying at home with Avery, I try to take a picture of video of Avery every day and send it to R while he's at work.  It's usually not much but I think he enjoys it.  This is one that required no prompting from me.

This video cracks me up.  Avery was singing a song she made up and I was trying to get her to sing it to me.  Then she started doing flips.  The girls loves to be upside down.  PS- please disregard all the laundry on the floor.  My maid hadn't done her job for the day. PPS-she's wearing this bib/smock because she was either getting ready to paint or had already painted.

Alright, last video.  This summer, we've tried to spend a lot of time outside.  The weather has been hot, hot, hot but we've really tried to power through it and be active.  One of Avery and R's favorite games is "Blast Off".  They've done this since Avery was small.  I love hearing Avery's laughs and giggles. And I love how great Avery's dad is!

So it's not much but a little glimpse into some actual video of Avery.

More adventures to come!

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