Thursday, August 11, 2011

Forgotten Pregnancy

They say (whoever "they" are) that you forget about the childbirth experience and that's why people have more than 1 kiddo.  If women fully remembered the experience of childbirth, there would only be 1 child families out there.  Well, I didn't have a "normal" childbirth experience with Avery.  I was induced and during contractions Avery would distress so I had to have an emergency C-section.  And honestely, it wasn't all that bad.  I mean, I got to stay in the hospital 4 whole days.  Someone at my beck and call (nurses), someone that came by and checked on Avery daily (pediatrician) and someone to cook every meal for me (cafeteria).  So all in all, the experience wasn't all that bad.

Here's what I did forget about.  Pregnancy. I just forgot the toll that it takes on your body.  So I decided to come up with a list of the things I forgot about pregnancy.  A David Letterman sort of list (just not as funny).

The Top 10 Things I forgot about pregnancy:
1. Sleeping
I'm sleeping like crap lately.  I've always been an "asleep before the head hits the pillow" kind of girl.  I would go to sleep and not wake up until my alarm clock goes off (much too early by the way).  But with the pregnancy, if I'm not waking up 14 times to go to the bathroom, I'm waking up because I can't roll over, or my back hurts, or I'm all around uncomfortable in the laying down position.
This is not good.  I'm a "needs all the beauty sleep I can get" kind of girl.  I'm not going to lie, I take full advantage of Rest Time in our house.

2. How cute you look at 22 weeks and how miserable you look at 36 weeks.
I'm not trying to say that I'm looking pretty cute right now at 22 weeks but let's face it- 22 weeks pregnant looks way cuter than 36+ weeks pregnant (unless your Jessica Alba who looks amazing).  And while I'm quite content to be fitting into my maternity clothes right now and even have some things with some room to spare, I know that I'll outgrow some of my favorite pieces.  And I'll have a big, puffy face to prove it. Evidence below (about 37 weeks preggo with Avery).

3. Weight Gain
It's not that I didn't expect to gain weight.  I mean, I'm growing a child inside of me.  But does it have to come on so quickly?!  Here's something to may not know about me.  I'm a compulsive weigher.  There I said it.  I weigh every day.  When I go on vacation, I'm tempted to take the scale with me (I leave it home) but it bugs me not to be able to weigh.  Sometimes I weigh in the morning and before bed.  I know it's crazy. So it's just annoying to see the scale go up and up and up. 
I've actually done much better this time around (I'm at 24 pounds right now).  But it's going to go up even more.  I do have a goal that I think it realistic for me and something I can acheive so I keep working towards that.

4. Nails
For the love of Pete.  What has happened to my nails?  They grow like crazy, yes, however they break, peel and crack.  Even with my prenatal vitamins.  I'm thankful I'm not losing hair so I count my blessings where I can.

5. Maternity clothes
I'm not sure if you've heard but this summer has been H-O-T!  And for any pregnant girl, it's even warmer. Not only does pregnancy increase your internal body temperature (at lease mine anyway) maternity clothes are not exactly cool.  I mean, they are cool in the fact that there are cute maternity clother. However, they aren't cool as in "It's 189 degrees outside. I think I'll go cool off and put on my full panel maternity pants that hate my thighs".

6. Where did my hips go?
No one has ever accused me of having a stick figure.  Nope. I'm curvy.  It's okay. I've learned to embrace it.  I have hips.  And those hips help keep up my pants.  But with pregnancy my hips have disappeared into my belly.  I'm constantly tugging at my pants and it's annoying.  I'd think I'd like to have my hips back please.

7. My husband still finds me attractive
I know that God is real for many reason.  One of those reasons is that he made men to still find their wives attractive when their bodies are doing weird things.  I love that R tells me almost everyday how good I look.  And the thing is that I know he means it. I think it's so sweet and it's another reason I fall in love with him over and over again.

8. Walking
When did this become so difficult?  After I put on 24 pounds?  Oh yeah. It's just become more difficult to walk for long periods of time comfortably.  The good news is that R and I have a Vegas trip coming up in the next few weeks.  Can someone tell me what I was thinking when I thought a trip to Vegas would be great at 26 weeks pregnant?!

9. Bending Over
Goodness gracious.  Bending ovver is getting more and more difficult.  Thankfully I'm due in December because I'm not sure how much longer I can shave my legs. Let alone paint my toe nails. R may be on toe nail duty soon.  I simply ask that if you see me or any other pregnant girl with chipped toe nails, don't judge us.

10. Baby Movement
I love this part of pregnancy.  It's so amazing to feel this sweet baby girl moving inside me.  But it's also the weirdest feeling ever.  There is a baby growing inside my body!  Does anyone else find this feeling just a little bit strange?  Don't get me wrong, I am in constant amazement of the miracle of life, but my sweet little miracle can stop kicking me in the bladder at any time.

Here's the deal.  As much as I've forgotten all the weird amazing parts of pregnancy I wouldn't change it for the world.  I get more and more excited by the day to meet the New Kid and am thankful God has chosen her to be a part of our family. And without pregnancy, I'd never have this little cutie.



More adventures to come!

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