Sunday, February 13, 2011

Belated Birthday


Have you ever known someone with a birthday close to Christmas?  And how hard it is to remember their birthday and find something that special birthday gift?  Well, try being married to someone like that. R's birthday is December 21st which is always a challenge around the holidays. 

I've never forgotten his birthday and always try my best to make the day special.  I never wrap his birthday gifts in Christmas paper, I never combine a birthday and Christmas gift (except that one year I planned a trip to Vegas) and I always keep his birthday gifts away from the Christmas tree. 

However, one thing that I didn't do was blog about his birthday.  And since I'm running low on blog topics I thought I'd rewind the clock and share part of the day.

R had taken off all week and I just couldn't get away so R spent the day with Avery.  We went to dinner and then came home to open presents!  My birthday gift strategy changes year to year. Sometimes I have a specific gift I want to get R for Christmas.  This year I had bought gifts, a couple specific for birthday and others I would divide between Birthday and Christmas.


Avery is an expert at opening presents.  Now that we have a child, I'm not sure that we'll ever be able to open our own gifts.  I'm okay with that.

First up, a TV wall mount.  Lame gift right.  Well, this one was actually for me too.  Last year, I bought us R a new TV for our bedroom.  For an entire year we've had our old TV mounted on the wall and the new TV sitting on top of the media shelf in front of the new TV.  Classy.

Next up some new dress shirt.  Real exciting right? I've got a way with gifts!

The best birthday gift ever: The North Face fleece.  I know this is the best birthday gift because R got me one the year before for my birthday.  I love it.  Now, R loves his too!

The gift not pictured: The Avett Brothers Emotionalist on LP.  That perhaps was R's favorite gift.  Spending the day with this little gift wasn't too bad either.


Now...This is what R teaches Avery when I'm not around.


This is Avery's "cute smile".  Ask Avery to give you a "cute smile" and this is the pose she gives.


Lord help us!

More adventures to come!

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