Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day Fun!

So last week we had a little bit of a snow storm.  Okay, fine. We had a blizzard.  So they say.  By the way, who are "they"?  When you find out let me know.

Anyway, we had a bit of snow storm that seemed to shut down the city, the state and what seemed like the entire country.  My Pioneer Woman book was delayed, my Pampered Chef shipment was delayed and best worst of all I had to work at home. 

The storm came in hard and heavy on Monday night and by around 7 that evening I knew my office would be closed.  Working at home has it's advantages, one of which is that I'm home with my Avery G. Although the cold was chilling to the bone, we did manage a little snow play during one of my "breaks".

But before we could go out in the snow, we had to get Avery properly dressed.
Oh yeah, and we couldn't go out with out giving Broozer some pettin's.  If I can recall correctly, Avery had on dress (don't judge me), leggings, leg warms, 2 pair of socks, fleece hoodie, wool coat, gloves, beanie, hoodie on her head and sunglasses.  Oh yeah, and the cutest little wellie boots ever.  So what she was wearing a dress, she was warm, I promise.  Please don't call DHS.

Avery and Broozer have a special bond.  He can't be without her for one minute.  She acousts loves Broozer so much. It just wasn't possible for the two to be outside together though. Broozer might have gotten lost in the snow never to be found again.

R was the one who volunteered to really go out in the snow with Avery. And he was ready.  Doesn't he look so cute?!

Let me say that our house is like the vortex of snow drifts. It could snow 1 inch ourside and we would get 5 foot drifts in front of our garage and house.  It makes it difficult to travel during snow storms even if we wanted too. But it does make for some fun play!

Not quite sure what to do.

That's some deep snow.  And, aren't those just the cutest boots?!

So that drift that Avery is walking up heads up to the front of our house.  The "peak" of the drift was probably a good 3 foot tall and Avery wanted to walk up to the top.

But that's hard to do when you are 2.

Daddy to the rescue!

Nothing is too tall or treacherous for R!

Success at the top of Mount Morris!

I lasted approximately 3 minutes outside.  Hey, it was fa-reeezing cold and my gloves didn't have fingers!  Avery did last much longer than me though...approximately 5 minutes.  Like mother like daughter!

It was fun though to see Avery playing in snow.  Now that storm number 2 has hit all she wants to do is walk in the snow.  Love that girl!

More adventures to come!

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