Wednesday, February 2, 2011


One of the great characteristics that Avery possesses is that she can entertain herself pretty easily.  It comes and goes, but for the most part, if I'm cooking dinner, working on a project or just in the middle of something, Avery will find something to do.  And yes, it usually involves wearing her Minnie Mouse costume or Cinderealla dress.  This night, it was the Minnie Mouse costume.

I have a little cabinet in the hall that I house random stuff.  Including birthday party supplies for Avery's 2 year old party...i really didn't know where else to put the stuff.  Heaven help me if i were to get rid of it!

Cute cabinet right?  Well Avery has discovered the party supplies and she is always wanting to play with them.  This night Avery was on especially good behaviour.
A: Mommy, may I pway with the this (holding up a table runner).
Me: Yes you may.
A: Oh mommy! Tank you, tank you!

A: Mommy, I fogot the bag.  May I pway with the bag?
Me: What bag?
A: Wet me show you.
Me: Ohhh, you want to play with that stuff. Go for it.
A: Mommy, you the best.
(Yes I am)

This is what she proceeded to do.
You can see how she placed the skully runner and a Christmas runner (it never made it back the Christmas box).

She got in the bag and lined up all the little buckets and got out all these paper skully's.

I get kind of weirded out when she lines up stuff in row.  Like those buckets.  Is it just my kid that does that?  Do your children do that?  Please help me out and tell me my child is normal!

She got everything perfectly lined up and in place.
A:Mommy, may I get my fwiends pwease?
Me: Sure. That sounds like a great idea.

Lord help us.  I didn't know she meant ALL her babies!  She got them laid out and in a circle.  And then asked if I would take her picture.  Well, of course I will!

What you can't really see in the picture is when she gets her babies (or friends) laid out like this, she tries to get all of them to hold hands.

It's just about the sweetest thing every!

So there's Avery entertaining herself all the while i'm taking pictures of her.  She was the model child that night using her manners perfectly and not crying or whining one time when it was time to clean up.  i just want to eat her up she's so cute!

More adventures to come!


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

OMG can I trade you kids?? She is just adorable!!!! I hope mine out grows the whining stage soooooon!!

Sandra said...

That dress she is wearing is adorable!
And love the know, if you're ever going to have a giveaway, there's something that would be very enticing!...ok ok, I'm greedy! You're very lucky your daughter can entertain herself. We should all be so lucky to have children like that.