Monday, May 23, 2011

What Happened?!

Well my dear friends, it's been a while hasn't it?  I have missed our little chats and I've been racking my brain trying to figure out why I was such a faithful blogger for such a time and then dropped off the face of the Earth. I figured it out.


No seriously.  R and I don't have cable.  So it's easy to blog in the summer months when there's nothing on TV.  Then, the fall comes around, new shows are on TV and our TiVo starts to fill up with a bunch of mindless entertainment and I choose TV over my dedicated blog readers.  For this, I apologize...until the fall.

So here I am.  Summer months are on the horizen and I've seen all the season finales I care to this year. Hopefully, I can entertain myself with my blog for a while.  So a quick recap of what you might have missed over the past few months.

Valentines Day
Where we all got a little something.

Yep, those are Girl Scout cookies for Valentines Day.  Very romantic.

Avery got some special candy and her own rose from her daddy.

Don't ask about the Cinderella dress over the clothes. 

Challenging games of Pop the Pig
Have you heard of this game?  When you don't have cable and you let your kid watch kid shows on regular TV, you see a lot of toy propaganda.  Avery insisted on this game and Santa heard her cries.
It's exhausing.

You feed the pig these little hamburgers and then the pigs belly "pops" when it's full. It's quite entertaining.  For a 2 year old.

Avery was invited to a Royal party.
It was no party for Kate Middleton but I think Kate would have been proud!  Avery was invited to a Princess birthday party.

Including make-up and everything!

I gotta say, I think she was the most fashionable Princess there!

Pizza Party

Avery and her BFF's Chloe and Hannah got together for a pizza party.
Avery took her job of topping eater very seriously.

A good time was had by all.

Every year our town center has an Easter Egg hunt including a pancake breakfast (yum!), inflatables and Avery's favorite...
face painting!  Isn't she the cutest tiger you've ever seen?!

Yep, this is the only egg we came home with. 

We colored Easter eggs for the fist time this year!

And had an Easter egg hunt inside due to the less than ideal weather on Easter day.

My little Easter Princess with a new big girl haircut!

The family on Easter.  Not too shabby.

So there you have it.  The past few months in a big, giant, long nutshell. It's not easy summarizing 3-4 months in long abbreviated post.  There was so much more than just these moments. There was a very special 3 year old birthday party celebration in there but that deserves a post of its own.  Welcome back my friends.  Welcome back.

More adventures to come. 

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