Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Anti-TV night

So not too long ago, Avery was begging to watch Mickey Mouse for the umteenth time.  I was feeling the mommy-guilt for letting Avery watch TV (something I swore I'd never do until she was at least 10) and was looking for something else to do to keep us occupied until it was time for our bedtime ritual. Some days I'm super mom and think of awesome things to do, other times all my brain power was sucked out at work and I've got nothing. Tonight was one of those night.  I had just about succombed the the cries for Mickey Mouse.

Enter these cars.
We got that giraffe car at a baby store in Dallas.  It's pretty cool because it's fuzzy and rubbery.  It has a brother, an orange monkey, but it's been living at our church nursery for some time now.  We may never see it again.

Anyway, I pulled out these cars and we started racing them.  Broozer thought it would be fun to be tortured get in on the action so he joined us.  Who knew that such basic little toys could be so fun?

It was so nice to turn the TV off and turn the record player on.  I'm sure we had something awesome like the Beatles or She & Him on the stereo.  Nothing like some good old fashion music and toys to make you thankful for the little things!

Just as it was time to head to bed, Avery wanted to "take" some pictures.  This is what happens when you let a 2 year old look through a view finder and take a picture.

Not too bad.  She's got quite the creative eye don't you think?

It's a small reminder to turn off the TV, stop worrying about the laundry that needs to be folded, the kitchen that needs to be cleaned, the toys that need to be put away and just get on the floor and play.

And for the love of all things right with the world,  have fun in your Christmas pajamas. Nevermind that it's the middle of October!

More adventures to come.


Busy Little Housewife said...

So fun! I love having those moments without the TV.

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