Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Decorating

We don't decorate much for Halloween around our house.  I always have big plans to decorate for the holidays but then life happens and all of a sudden it's a week before Halloween and we've barely purchased a pumpkin.  Although, this year, R had pumpkins purchased ready to be carved in plenty of time.

However, on a shopping trip to Target (imagine that!) we picked up some of those clingy things you stick on the door.  We thought Avery would enjoy decorating the front door.
$1 at Target.  Yep.  That's why I heart that place.

So thanks to Target and our 2 year old we had some fun getting a little bit of Halloween decor in our house.

Scary huh?  Let me mention that Avery decorated and redecorated that door no less than 5 times before it was absolutely perfect!

So I mentioned that R had pumpkins ready to carve about 2 weeks before Halloween. He was ready to go! He wanted to carve those pumpkins.  He takes great care in picking out the pumpkins.  They have to have the perfect spot for carvin!

Every day he would come home and we would have this conversation.
R: I want to carve a pumpkin! (excited as can be)
Me: I know, but there's a lot to do. We've got to cook dinner.  Avery needs a bath. We need to look at the budget.  We need to go to the grocery store... (on and on and on)
R: I know. (disappointed)

Finally, we forced ourselves to have a free evening a few days before Halloween.  R was so excited. I had bought one of those carving kits (on clearance last year thank you very much!) that had patterns for you to really impress the neighbors with. Ronnie is really good at the "free carve" but he was itching to try out one of those patterns.

We'd showed the pictures to Avery and she had her favorite picked. She wanted the "scary" one.  Her words. Seriously.

Avery size and daddy size pumpkins.

Avery loved the big pumpkin.

She wanted to squeeze it.

And kiss it.

And make it her very own.

But first, we started with the little Avery sized pumpking. While R carved the little pumpkin, my little punkin watched.

We may have gotten a little bored anxious and had a little snack.  Hey, carving is a one man show and someone's gotta watch the kid!

Nutella and mini nilla wafer sandwiches.  Heaven.  If you don't like Nutella I feel sorry for you.

Finally!  A pumpkin.  R carved  this one totally freehand.  He LOVES to carve pumpkins.  My pumpkins are usually plain and generally have a missing tooth but R's are always perfect!

Avery couldn't have been more excited to have her own carved pumpkin!

So even though we didn't go all out for Halloween, we still got into the spirit.  Avery is finally getting to the age where she can "help" participate.  And where her dad is, she's right beside him telling him how it's done!

R did go on to use one of his patterns that evening to carve the "scary" pumpkin for Avery.  And apparently the good blogger and wife that I am, didn't get a picture.

But I did get a picture of this "free carve" pumpkin.  No pattern needed.

He may be an accountant but he can carve a mean pumpkin!
More adventures to come!


Busy Little Housewife said...

So fun Jenn! R did really good!

Ronnie said...

I think the upside down flying bats are the scariest.