Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Halloween was especially fun this year.  As I keep saying, Avery is to the age when she "gets" stuff.  And this year, she "got" that she was going to get to dress up.  We let her decide what she wanted to be for Halloween with a little bit of parental leading.

Me: Avery, don't you want to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween?
A: Yes! Minnie Mouse!
Me: What do you want to be for Halloween?
A: Minnie Mouse!

See how that works?

Trickery. We picked up Avery's costume at a huge children's consignment sale.  I love the JBF Sale.  But that is a whole other post.  As R and I were looking at costumes I asked Avery again what she wanted to be for Halloween.
A: Pink Pwincess
What happened to my trickery?!
Me: What? Minnie Mouse?
A: No, mommy. Pink Pwincess.

I'm not going to lie. I had a moment of panic.  I spotted the pink Minnie Mouse dress and ears and showed it to Avery.  She was sold! 
A: Pwincess Minnie!

That my friends is how this parenting thing is done!

Our Halloween festivities started with a Halloween party at Avery's Children's Day Out program.  It was a little chilly and I had picked up this faux fur shawl that worked perfectly for my little Minnie Mouse!

There just happened to be 3 Minnie's in Avery's class that day.  I knew I wasn't winning any awards for creativity or originality but I knew Avery would LOVE being Minnie so it worked!

R: Avery, how many Minnie's were there in your class?
A: Twee (Three)
R: Who was the prettiest.
A: Me!
Hmmm, she hasn't heard that too much huh?

On Halloween, Avery asked to wear her costume about every 5 seconds.  The girl could have lived in that thing!

Yep, I think she was right.  She is the prettiest Minnie Mouse! But on Halloween, there are more important things to do than look pretty.  And they all involve getting candy.

This Halloween with Avery was probably the most fun I've ever had on Halloween.  She was so cute and excited and LOVED being Minnie.  She would say "trick or treat" and "thank you".  I wouldn't even have to remind her to say thank you.  All the neighbors thought she was so cute and we such a great time walking around the neighborhood with her. We Avery got lots of candy and treats and couldn't have had more fun.  Halloween 2010 was good to us!

More adventures to come!

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Tabitha said...

It's okay if she isn't original . . . these pics make her look so grown up though!!! Where are our babies? :-/