Friday, September 24, 2010

Ice Capades

In the olden days, we called Disney on Ice the Ice Capades.  At least that's what I remember calling it as a kid.  Needless to say, it's fair time in Oklahoma.  Fair time equals Disney on Ice.  Disney on Ice means we are taking a trip to the fair with Avery. It also means extortion.  Seriously.

This year Disney on Ice is a Celebration of Seasons.  All we knew is that there would be Mickey, Minnie and some Princesses.  Since I am convinced Avery loves Mickey Mouse more than her parents, we knew we had to take her.  Is is wrong we made Avery use her own money to buy the tickets? 
She had birthday money.
Tickets are expensive!
The girl needs to learn these things don't come free!

Anyway, Avery was very excited to see Mickey and Princesses.

For a 2 year old, you can't really explain Disney on Ice.  All she knew is that we were seeing Mickey.  We had to wear the I <3 Mickey shirt.  We couldn't leave Mickey with any doubts about her love.

We had to park 8 miles from the entrance. 

We had decided that we would give Avery a certain amount of money to use to buy "stuff" at Disney on Ice.  Okay fine, it was her money. Still left over from her birthday. Listen, money doesn't grow on trees people!

This is where the extortion starts.  First, you have to buy a ticket for a child above age 2 that is going to sit in her mommy's lap the whole entire show.  Secondly, mom and dad both have to buy tickets.  Do you see the extortion?  Thirdly, you get into the place and everywhere you turn they are selling stuff. Toys, snow cones, pictures... That's cool but see that twirly thing? $22! But hey, it's Avery's money and it's what she wanted.
We let Avery have some cotton candy.  It was her first time! Don't you just love cotton candy? The cotton candy even came with the ears!
"Hi mom, this cotton candy is as big as me!"

I even got in on the ear action!

That's how Avery watched most of the show.  Occasionally she reached out for Mickey and Minnie.  She wanted to skate with them. And hug them.  And go live in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

All in all it was a great show.  The look on Avery's face as Mickey and Minnie came out was priceless.  She loved the show.  The next day R & I were talking about the show with Avery and she said "I want to give Mickey & Minnie hug and kiss".  So sweet!

It was fun to get to share a fun time with Avery. 

I don't even mind the extortion all that much. That face could get me to do anything!

More Tom Petty adventures to come!