Friday, September 10, 2010

Lunch Box

My girl started going to a Mother's Day out program about a month ago.  She loves her Big Girl School! She gets to have a back pack and a lunch box and everything. I love that she brings home fun pictures and gets a little structure.  Not to mention she gets to play with other kids, one of her favorite things!

Avery goes to "school" 2 days a week.  We have to send lunch for her. At first I was a little nervous about packing her lunch.  I mean, what do you pack for a 2 year old?  Sometimes she eats everything, most of the time she eats a little bit of a lot of things.  My girlfriend Bobbi, mother of one of the cutest 4 year olds I know turned me on to one of the cutest blogs.  It's called Another Lunch.  Melissa, the blogger, is a stay at home mom to 4 little ones.  She packs bento-style lunches for her kids. Have you heard of bento? Bento is a japenese word for ready-to-eat lunch in a box. The style promotes less waste (no little baggies or packages to throw away).  I was intrigued and thought, "Eh, I'll think about that when Avery starts going to school."  I checked in with Another Lunch pretty regularly though because her lunches were just so dang cute!
And then it hit me! What a minute genius!  Avery IS in school.  And what does she have to take?  A lunch.  So I tried my hand at packing her a bento lunch with the supplies I had on hand.

This is my second attempt.

I didn't take a picture of my first attempt.  This container came with Avery's lunch box so it fits in her lunch box perfectly.
From left to rightt:
Grapes, Cheese Its, Turkey & Cheese heart shaped sandwich, Go-gurt yogurt in a plastic container I had, semi-sweet chocolate chips in a muffin liner.

I am really enjoying packing Avery's lunch.  I have been trying to be more creative (yay! another creative outlet) and have put a few supplies on her Christmas list.  I mean, she wants lunch supplies for Christmas right? Right?!   

I don't know if Avery eats a thing of what I pack for her but at least it's all packed in a cute little container!

More adventures to come!

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Anonymous said...

love to make her little box my lunch, spread her legs watch her quiver while I lick it