Friday, March 22, 2013

Running Fail

So if we're friends on Facebook or Instagram or in real life, you probably know that I've taken up running.  I love it. I really do.  Sometimes I don't love it while I'm doing it but I always love it when I'm done.

So this week I've been in a major funk.  I haven't wanted to run, workout or do anything healthy. I blame it on Spring Break.  And my kids.  I love those little crazies but they make their momma crazy! I digress. Normally I actually look forward to my training runs during the week but this week I haven't. 
Last night I knew I had to do it.  It was cold, getting dark and I had a bad attitude about getting out.  But I laced up and got my cold weather gear on.

My goal was 4 miles.  But I wasn't above calling it a night after 3 miles. Actually 4 miles is my standard training run distance.  I kind of feel like I've just gotten warmed up after 3 miles so what's 1 more mile.
So I head out around 8 PM. I tell the hubs I won't even be gone an hour so if I'm gone that long come and look for me (I've watched too many episodes of Criminal minds).  I actually even set the kitchen timer so he doesn't forget about me.
I start my run and after a mile I start feeling pretty good.  I feel like my pace is good and I'll go ahead and get in 4 miles.  I've eaten like crap lately and although you can't out train a bad diet I figured I could do some damage control.  I hit 2 miles and I think that for the next mile or so I'll start kicking it up between mail boxes.  Not necessarily sprinting but just picking up the fast. Faster pace, normal pace, faster pace, normal get the idea.
I turn our onto the main road in my addition.  I had my regular pace going on and then it happened. I fell.  Flat. on. my. face. I'm pretty sure I must have scared the beejeezus out of the car that was headed toward me as I fell.  They did slow down. But didn't stop.  Jerks.

I jacked up my ankle so I had to walk home.  Ya'll, it's a much colder walk home than it is running.  THANKFULLY I was actually headed back toward my house and I wasn't too far out. 
So there you have it.  My running fail. The first time I've fallen while running. I've had some close calls but had always managed to stay on my feet.  Not last night. I was down on the ground. Scraped hand and knee to prove it.
The worst part? My pace was actually looking pretty good (for me).

Well, actually the worst part is my ankle still hurts and it would probably be advisable to not run on it for a day or 2.  Whatever.
Happy Friday!! 

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Suze said...

You got out and did it, so not a fail!
I'm sorry you crashed, and I'm even more sorry that the car didn't at least do a roll down "you ok?". Jerks.
Hope your ankle is ok!!