Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ellie Abigail: 15 months

Ellie Abigail. Sweet girl.  You are hot mess express but you are ours and we can't get enough. You are 15 months old and you are busy, busy, busy!  You are into everything and nothing is safe...high or low.

At 15 months you:
  • wearing 12-18 month clothes & 18 mo clothes
  • wearing size 3 shoes.
  • wear size 3 disposable diapers although we are using cloth diapers 90% of the time.
  • walking everywhere. Everywhere!
  • getting 4(!) teeth and we are pretty sure there are more about to pop through any day now.
  • eat whatever the family eats. Some of your favorites are mac n cheese, pineapples, blueberries, tortilla with cheese, spaghetti, goldfish, Gerber grabbers, & peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  
  • love having your teeth brushed.
  • LOVE playing with your sister. You girls are the best of friends and Avery is such an amazing big sister. One of your favorite things to do is play Ring around the Rosies.  We will hear you walking around the house saying "ashes, ashes,...).  It's pretty darn cute!
  • a big daddy's girl. As soon as daddy gets home you want nothing to do with mommy. 
  • are babbling so much.  We can catch some words here and there. Once you start talking we're pretty sure between you and Avery we won't get a word in edgewise!
  • lay down on your changing table all by yourself.
  • still crying when we put you in your crib at night. It usually don't last too long. You are still sleeping with a paci at night and we recently started turning on your projector at night. You are still sleeping with your pink lovey bear.  We hope we never lose that lovey!
  • DO NOT like to get things taken away from you.  You can really throw quite the fit!
  • climb on everything. Couch, tables, step stools...anything off the ground is what you want to be on.  You have no fear.
  • love being outside.  This spring is really the first time you've had the opportunity to really play outside.  You and Avery love playing on the playset. You can climb up the ladder like a real champ!
  • give kisses on occasion although you are quite stingy with them. 
  • will push anyone away when you don't want them close. It's usually Avery you are trying to push away.  She just loves you so much!
  • are doing much better at Mother's Day Out.  You still cry but not for long and you really have a great time.  You still don't take long naps but you are happy.
  • usually take 1 nap but sometimes we give you an evening nap when you need it.
  • drink great from a sippy cup or straws. I can't believe how big you are!
    You did great at your 15 month appointment.  You weighed 21 lbs 5 oz and were 30 inches tall.  You were about 24th percentile for weight and around 50th for height.  You did have to get a few shots but you took them like a champ and only cried for a few minutes.

Ellie, you are becoming such a little big girl! We are seeing your personality more and more everyday. You are quite the curious little girl and know exactly what you want.  We love you so very much and you make our family complete! We cannot wait to see the little girl you become!

And no blog post is complete without a picture of this big kid.

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