Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ellie Abigail: 4 months

Ellie Bo Belly,
My, oh my how you've changed!  Dr. F was right when he said you'd be like a different baby at 4 months! You give us lots of smiles, laughs and we can't get enough of those sweet dimples.  We have so enjoyed playing with you this past month.  You are really starting to become a "big girl".  Avery is still so in love with you and your face lights up when you see your big sis! 

At 4 months you:
  • wear size 2 diaper, size 3 night time diaper
  • are wearing 3-6 month clothing.  You can wear a few 0-3 month things but we are starting to put away most of the 0-3 month stuff.
  • are wearing size 1 shoes.
  • got your toes painted for the first time this month! They were so cute and got lots of compliments!
  • roll over from front to back!  What an accomplishment!
  • are grasping at more and more toys.  You love putting them straight to your mouth. You are starting to notice and play with a lot more of your toys too.
  • still wake up around 2 AM and 6 AM to eat.  You are ready for the day around 7:30 AM.  We are so ready for you to drop that 2 AM feeding!
  • go to bed between 7 PM-8 PM.  It all depends on when you wake up from your last nap.
  • take 3-4 naps each day.  Your naps are generally 30 min-1 hour and your last nap is usually 2+ hours. 
  • are still swaddled for all sleep.  We tried to wean you with one arm out but you didn't seem to sleep as well.   
  • love to stand on your legs.  You are getting so strong!
  • have started laughing.  You laugh the most at your big sis.  We think she's pretty funny too!
  • usually eat a 6ish ounce bottle every 4 hours.
  • love to talk.  We are thinking we are going to have another talker in the family just like your big sis.  I have no idea where you girls get it!
  • are doing SO much better in the car.  No more screaming and crying on car trips.  Now you usually fall asleep or sit in the back content to look out the window or talk to your buggy friends.
  • are not a fan of tummy time but you still love bath time.  You have really started splashing with your feet.
  • have lost a ton of hair!  Good thing mommy has lots of headbands!
  • had a check up with Dr. F.  You weighed 12 lbs 8 oz (25th percentile), 24 inches (50th percentile) and have a 44 cm head (50th percentile). Dr F said you were long and lean and look great!




Ellie, you are really starting to get a personality and we see it shine everyday.  You are so lovey, sweet and curious.  You never miss a beat. We thank God that He gave us You!  We love you sweet girl!


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