Sunday, April 22, 2012

Avery Grace- 4 years old

Avery Grace,
You are 4 years old today!  We can't believe how big you are.  You are so sweet and funny and we constantly amazed at how much you know.  You are so smart! We have enjoyed every day of these past 4 years (well, most every day) and can't wait to see what the next year brings. 

At 4 years old you:
  •  LOVE the color pink! 
  • must wear a skirt.  A pink skirt if possible.  A pink dress will do in a pinch.  You usually even wear a skirt to bed.
  • can get dressed all by yourself.
  • love to watch Martha Speaks in the morning.
  • usually drink chocolate milk and eat a Lucky Charms granola bar for breakfast.
  • wear a size 4T clothes and size 9 shoes.
  • like to wear headbands and bows.  Lots of them. Sometimes at the same time.
  • love to read books.  We go to the library once a week for story time and get new books.
  • like to draw pretty pictures.  You usually say you want to "scribble scrabble".
  • like to get Strawberry slushes from Sonic.
  • love Broozer and Bella.  They love you too because you are usually the only one that pets them.
  • LOVE your sister so very much.  You get the most smiles and laughs from Ellie.
  • have given up your afternoon nap.  You just did this in the past few weeks.  This makes mommy very sad.
  • want to eat Natural Cheetos every day.  Other favorite foods include pepperoni, bacon, grapes, and carrots.
  • like to sing songs.  You are very good at making up your own words to songs.  You like to listen to She & Him, the Avett Brothers and the Beatles. This makes daddy very happy.
  • usually have a bed time of 8:30ish. 
  • go to Children's Day Out twice a week.  Apparently you are "so sweet and so caring" according to your teachers.
  • enjoy doing crafty things.  You call them your "projects".
  • know how to write your name and you know most of your letters by sight. 
  • favorite place to eat is McDonalds for chicken nuggets and french fries.  I think you like to play on the play toy the most.
  • can ride your bike a LONG way!
  • constantly talk.  All the time.  If you are awake you are talking, singing or making noise. It's cute...most of the time.
  • have a huge imagination.  We love spying on you while you are playing by yourself. 
  • love going to church and being in Ms. Cleo's Sunday School class. 
  • have great friends like Hannah and Chloe and Natalee and Lyla.  You even have friends at school- Hannah, Kennedy & Kassidy, Kennedy R and friends at the library - McKinley and Sibby.  You like to play with your friends.
  • Still twirl your hair.  I don't think you will ever stop doing this.
  • enjoy playing games on mommy's iphone.  I think you can work it better than me sometimes! 
  • can say the Pledge of Allegiance.  It brings a tear to mommy's eyes when you do.
  • have trouble saying "th" and usually say "f" instead.  Like funder (thunder), free (three), Marfa (Martha), sompfing (something).  
  • have an appointment with Dr. F this week.  We will see how much you've grown this past year!

Avery, you are a joy to us.  We love seeing you grow and learn new things.  You are constantly asking questions and you are so curious. You have such a big personality and we love you so much.  We can't wait until you teach Ellie everything you know.  We know you will be the best and worst of friends.  You are so sweet (and sensitive) and your hugs and kisses melt our heart. We love you baby girl!

We know this next year will be great!

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