Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chuck E Cheese Adventure

Avery had been begging R and I to take her to Chuck E Cheese recently.  I'm not sure why she wanted to go so much. She's never been before.  Proof positive that TV commercials do work.  They worked on my child.

Anyway, Avery begged us to go.  And she wanted to go with her besties Hannah and Chloe.  It broke my heart when we had to tell her no.  Finally all the stars aligned and we were able to all get together Memorial Day weekend.

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Much fun ensued!

First order of business was riding some "rides".

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Avery was very brave!

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Lots of games were played.  Some Avery played by herself and some she played with her friends.

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She even challenged her dad to a game of Air Hockey.

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She let him win.

When Avery ran out of money, she stuck by Hannah (who was very frugal) and let Hannah pay for the rides. My girl learns early. Hannah was none the wiser.

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Toward the end of our time, the girls rode one final ride together (Hannah's treat). I love how sweet these girls are together!

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Ronnie even got in on the action.

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And finally, no Chuck E Cheese visit is complete without a little dancing.

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Avery scored a sucker and a pink ring with her tickets. I'm pretty sure that inflation has affected Chuck E Cheese. Seems like you could get a lot more with 80 tickets when I a kid!

I think Avery had a great time for her first visit at Chuck E Cheese. Now she keeps asking to go to the beach. Not sure how to pull that one off.

More adventures to come.

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