Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nutcracker Tea Party

So I took some time off from the blog over the holidays.  I missed blogging and sharing so I have a renewed spirit to be more consistent in 2011.

The next couple of posts will just have to be catch-up posts.  Not just so I can be sure that our life is chronicled but more so that my mom can see all the pictures she doesn't know she is missing (hi mom!).  Let's face it, blogs are all about the pictures right?  So, I'll catch you up throgh the holidays and all the fun things we got to do.

Avery and i so lucky.  My dear, sweet friend and her daughter invited us to a Tea Party before the Norman Ballet Company performed the Nut Cracker.

This is Meredith and Bobbi.  Aren't they gorgeous?!

Avery was so excited to get to go to a Tea Party!  She had to dress for the occasion.

The event was great because there were crafts, including tiaras.  A princess cannot have too many tiaras!

The girls also learned ballet steps from some of the cast include the Mouse King Himself!

Avery wasn't too sure what to think about the Mouse King.  That's about as close as she would get.

One of the Sugarplum fairies came to show the girls ballet steps too. It was so cute seeing all the little girls listen so intently to the fairy!

Seriously cute!

Avery talked about the beautiful ballerina princess for days, and days and days. Even today she will stand up on the tippy toes and tell me she is a ballerina princess.

Santa even made an appearance at the Tea Party!

This event was so much fun.  I was worried that Avery would be too young but she absolutely loved it.  Avery loves being around big kids so she was in heaven!  I am looking forward to going next year and maybe even watching the performance next time!

This tea party kicked off our Christmas season.  After this it seemed we had something going on every weekend.  You'll see more about our fun adventures soon! Until then, just look at this face.  Does it get any cuter?!

More Christmas adventures to come!

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Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Oh my, that tea party is ADORABLE!! How fun for her!!