Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas in a big giant nutshell

We had so many events that we attended over the Christmas holiday I just can't dedicate a post to each event.  It would be March before I was done so I'll use this post as a big giant catch-up with a few words and lots of pictures.

Avery's Children's Day Out had a Christmas program which may have been the cutest thing ever! I didn't ever get a really good picture but this is Avery during the program.

We also got to go Orr Family Farm.  It was a very cold evening (fa-reeeezing!) but we managed to get in a pony ride and a train ride to see some Christmas lights.

There's always family Christmas get togethers to attend.  We get together with my mom's side of the family every year.  It's always great to see my family. My cousin Tracie (that watches Avery) and her kids were there.  Avery does not lack in the "I am loved" department!

This is Kelli and Avery.  They are the best of friends.

And Peyton.  He's so good to Avery.

This is my favorite picture. This is Mason and Avery.  Mason is the oldest great-grandchild and Avery is the youngest.  My Meemaw never got to meet Avery and I know they would have had the best of times.

Moving on as I wipe away tears...Sheesh.  These posts are supposed to be funny!

Avery did even managed an outfit change into her one of her favortie nightgowns. This was a gift from Avery's cousins.  Tell me who doesn't love Minnie Mouse?!

Next up Christmas morning.  Since Avery was such a good girl Santa was able to make it by.  He brought Avery the cutest little pink chair.

Avery did get her Pop the Pig game too.  She was so excited!

Avery was not lacking in the gift department.

There was so much more that happened that there just isn't enough time to blog about.  There was Christmas with my family and R's family.  We have enough toys for a small orphanage.  We are very blessed and thankful that Avery is so loved.

And for the parting shot.  This is Avery's "cute smile".  Her dad taught her how to do this. He's going to regret that someday!

More adventures to come!

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